Wordle Is Now Free for Everyone: Want to Know How?


Wordle is one of the most popular word games in recent times. It was released in 2020 and has gained immense popularity since then. The origin of Wordle is very interesting and emotional.

The game was originally created by Wardle for his partner as a gift. There is a reason why it was the perfect gift. Wordle and his partner, Palak shah both got hooked through words games. Wordle means a lot to them.

However, now New York Times has bought the game and has many plans to scale the game. New York Times can provide the platform and expertise to take Wordle to the next level. Before this, it was just a game, but now it could become a routine.

Wardle was kept free and was only offered as a web experience. However, with increasing popularity, many people copied the concept and launched the app under the same name. Apple quickly banned those apps from their AppStore after receiving multiple reports.

How is New York Times Going To Change The Word Games Experience

In recent years, the trend and hype of fun word games have been lost. Now people are busy playing combat and arcade games on their PC or mobile phones.

The timing of launching this app was perfect. In 2020, the lockdown was imposed in every part of the world and people got restricted in their homes. This is when fun games like Wordle came to help many people spend their time.

Seeing the popularity of Wordle made New York Times buy it and try to revive the word games industry. The New York Times doesn’t just want to continue with the original web experience model of Wordle.

The New York Times will integrate this word puzzle into their Games suite of word games. Wordle is most likely to move to The Times website and can be played over their official website. However, the Wordle would only be initially free and there may be a fee introduced later on but it isn’t confirmed.

Wardle is working closely with the New York Times to retain and save the data of the existing players. So if you are an old player with very high streaks, don’t worry you won’t lose your streaks and wins.

What Made Wardle sell Wordle to New York Times?

After seeing the game gain popularity and has been successful in uniting distant family members through their platform. Many users got addicted to playing it and got attached to the game. Wardle saw that New York Times has the same vision for word games as he does.

This is what made him sell the game and was assured that their built game would suit the best in the games collection of New York Times. Therefore, they reached an agreement with New York Times.

Final Words

This was your complete guide to learn the recent news about Wordle, a household name in 2020. We hope Wordle reaches new heights on New York Times platform and becomes a fun game for new people.