Why is New York Times Sueing State Department?


In recent news, New York Times has sued the state department. It is suing the state department for withholding correspondence with mentioned Hunter Biden in it. The correspondence was sent to the embassy of Romania by Hunter and his business associate.

It led to thinking many things and this is why with using influence Hunter Biden was successful in withdrawing the correspondence with the help of the state department.

Why is Biden Family the Target?

This isn’t the first time Hunter Biden’s name has been associated with an overseas business. This has been going on since 2016 and every year or the other some news regarding him shows up.

The two former business associates of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Eric Schwerin were once partners with him in an investment firm. Later on, these are in the same grand jury panel as James Biden regarding the JPMorgan chase bank for transactions involving the Bank of China.

The subpoena somehow ties to the tax probe of Hunter Biden in the late 20s.

What is New York Times Goal To Achieve through this?

New York Times hasn’t issued this subpoena to ensure nothing like this happens again and this would be the last time. For every news agency, it is very crucial for it to get reliable and trusted information that it can share among its readers.

New York Times is seeking to get relevant and newsworthy information through the government FOIA request. This would help the news agency to have trust in their sources and share without any hesitation.

New York Times is expecting for the State Department to release any relevant document that would help them. New York Times is always up to pursuing their request through a lawsuit if needed.

They have requested multiple times and showed patience throughout. If the state department hasn’t taken any action towards it and doesn’t value New York Times request, then they are up for a different change.

Like always New York Times first deeply assess the documents and information received.

Why is it so Important For New York Times?

For every journalist and news agency, reliable and correct information is very important. Reporters work hard to get want they want. People like Hunter Biden are available in every corner and try to suppress the truth.

And embassies should be working more on their duties rather than offering favors to well-connected business people. The name specifically Hunter Biden is heard the most. These allegations could be true by seeing both sides of the story.

However, it is a long shot to prove this but is worth trying and seeing if it would bring any change in the system somehow.

Final Words

This is why New York Times has is so dedicated to achieving the desired results. The main goal to achieve is that every department should work legally and how people want them to. Handing out personal favors and other designers.

This is all you need to know about it. Keep yourself updated with this news.