Who are the richest actors of 2020?


While living in a world that is locked down in a pandemic can be tough work for all but the most introverted of us, fame and wealth haven’t gone away entirely. The acting class still have their biggest and brightest carrying on with the development of blockbuster movies and the like. And so, if you are someone who is keen to see which of the top names in Hollywood are still putting in a pretty wage at the moment, take a look at some of the richest names in the acting world as of 2020.

Tyler Perry

As one of the most famous names in the industry, the creator of “Madea” has brought in something in the region of $97m in this year alone. Indeed, he’s seen his Madea franchise bring in over $660m in the past, and he’s managed to sell over 300 live shows a year, with over 35,000 people a week taking part in attending these events.

An intelligent man with a pretty special eye for popularity, he’s enjoyed a creative career so far that would be the envy of most.

The Rock

You might know him as Dwayne Johnson, but to any 90s kids he’s The Rock. End of discussion.

Wrestler or not, Johnson managed to make a pretty impressive $87.5m in the year of 2020. That’s not bad for a year where most of his previous colleagues in the WWE have seen cuts, dropouts, and contracts being torn up. For The Rock, then, to still be pulling in such a healthy sum of money in a financial pandemic shows his enduring, almost limitless popularity.

Ashkay Kumar

Kumar has also enjoyed a strong year, with some $48.5m in career earnings in the year of 2020. The legendary Bollywood name is now preparing to take part in the Amazon Prime TV hit, “The End”. He’s expected to be a leading name in the show and could easily be a major step-up in appearances for Kumar in more western-oriented audiences.

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has had a pretty interesting year, too. While he was able to bring in a cool $71.5m this year, he also made an intriguing investment in the form of a football club based in Wales. He invested in Wrexham FC, which is by no means one of the biggest clubs in the Welsh football pyramid.

An interesting and quirky purchase, but one we’re sure will be seen on the map a whole lot more than it was when the club was owned by a fans trust.

Adam Sandler

Have you seen “Uncut Gems” yet? If not, you should make a move to see it. With some of the most popular Hollywood movies of modern time under his belt, Sandler resumed a more serious role in the basketball-themed thriller that came out in 2019. The success of the movie played a major role in Sandler being able to bring in some $41m in money in 2020.