What Does It Mean For The Political Landscape If Senators Die Or Are Incapacitated?


The fate of the entire world is shaky right now. With COVID-19 everywhere, life has become unpredictable. During such turbulent times, what does it mean if senators they die or get sick?

Recently 3 Republican senators have been tested positive for COVID-19. This means that even other senators could be infected. However, all of them are under quarantine as they want to take precautions. This is the reason they are saying they can’t participate in senate votes.

If this goes on they will also not be able to participate in other important political events. This can affect the majority in the senate. What will happen then? Let’s find out.

The 1950s Ordeal

This is not the first time senators have started getting sick. The same thing also happened in the 50s. In 1953, Republicans used to hold a 2 seat majority in the chamber of 96 members.

However, the following 2 years 9 senators died. It is reported that most of them passed away due to strokes or heart issues. Every one of these senators was replaced but they not all of them belonged to the Republican party.

This led to a shift in power and by 1954 the Democrats had the majority control.

Will History Repeat Itself?

When the Republicans had the majority control before 1954 the bills that were passed by the Parliament at the time reflected their policies. The legislation was passed according to what the party wanted.

However, things changed a year later and then Democrats the majority vote in every bill. The legislation at that time reflected their policies. Research showed that when the Democratic party was in control they won votes by 61%.

However, when there was Republican control, the Democratic party lost by 52% of votes. So, they were able to control a lot more when they were in power. This is why the 50s was such a shocking time for many Americans.

After all, the legislation affects the States and too many changes in one period is not good for everyone. Temporary vacancies in the senate affected policies and legislation significantly.

What Is In The Cards Now?

Of course, we can never know because there is too much unpredictability in the air right now. It could go either way. However, if senator’s start dying or getting sick like this then there may be a big chance that there may be a power shift.

After all, elections are close and someone will have to replace them eventually. It is only a matter of time. So, if Republicans keep getting sick like this then they will not be able to control policies and decisions.

This can be a big win for the Democratic party. However, we don’t know anything to make such predictions right now. The world is going through a pandemic and nothing this year has been easy.

This is why it is hard to predict what the political landscape will look like soon. However, the 50s ordeal may just repeat itself soon.