Walmart’s Black Friday Deals Face COVID-19 Adjustment By Taking Over Weekends


COVID-19 has caused a huge reduction in large gatherings. Crowding is discouraged as it will facilitate an increase in COVID-positive cases. Walmart plans to curb this.

Black Friday Crowds

Because of the huge gatherings on Black Fridays, there is an increased risk of being infected by coronavirus. Congested and jammed places are not the ideal place to be right now. Walmart acknowledges that their Black Friday deals might significantly contribute to COVID-positive people. Hence, they decided to change the way they hold their promotions. How do they plan to do that? Let’s find out.

Black Friday Weekends

Walmart, in order to avoid such a large assembly, has now shifted their Black Friday deals over three weekends. This means that November will have three weekends full of deals instead of one day.

In order to add on to this effort, Walmart has emphasized that their main focus would be on online sales. This means that if you need the best promotions, you might want to stay at home and shop online.

Online promotions are scheduled to start from the 4th of November. Later, on-site promotions will begin from the 7th of November. With these starting dates, the schedule for promotions on their website and retail outlets are as follows:

Web promotional weekends:

First promotion – November, 4

Second promotion – November, 11

Final promotion – November, 25

Retail outlet promotions:

First promotion – November, 7

Second promotion – November, 14

Final promotion – November, 27

Walmart has decided to reserve most of the best deals for online customers. Their assumption is that people will shop for their favorite products earlier if the price is right. By making the best offer, they will reduce the number of in-shop customers on the retail promotional weekends. Plus, after people have spent their money, they will also be less tempted to come to Walmart to shop in-person. This plan seems soundproof considering all the holiday promotions as well.

Competitive Promotions

Amazon usually holds its own version of the Black Friday deals. Their Prime Day sales are often reserved for the month of July. However, that was delayed and is now being held later. Their promotional event will also entice customers to spend their cash on their Prime Day sales. It is estimated that the event will account for a large portion of the company’s sales.

EMarketer has estimated that the sales revenue would amount to at least $10 billion. And among this figure, the Prime Day sales might take up an astounding 99% of these sales. These are not only limited to the US but will attract customers worldwide.

These plans by both the largest retailers prepares many customers to delay their spending for the promotional events. Walmart’s strategy to focus on early online sales, and later outlet sales might just achieve its purpose. People will likely stay at home and shop online and later show up at Walmart for other offers. It is a commendable effort in the situation of a pandemic. COVID-19 adjustments had to be made, and Walmart is strategizing appropriately.