Vegan protein powder the next money-making strategy


While you’re looking to buy healthy products that fit within your specific lifestyle, take a closer look to also consider a potentially wise investment in a rising trend. More than ever before, vegan products are in high demand. It just might be profitable and stay vegan and healthy at the same time. Because of its rise in popularity, vegan protein powder may just very well be the next money-making strategy to keep your eye on.

Why protein powder?

Protein is packed with necessary amino acids that typically require food or supplements for a person to receive the proper daily amounts. Vegan powder bypasses the animal protein by using plant-based alternatives, typically legumes, peas and other vegetables instead of cow’s milk. It’s not just vegans who are becoming more and more health-conscious and seeking non-GMO products without harmful additives.

A vegan does not use or eat animals or their byproducts. They usually do so with concern for the well-being of animals in mind. But, you don’t have to be vegan to want or need a protein powder that is free of animal byproducts, which would include dairy. Many people nowadays are discovering that they have a sensitivity or allergy to whey which is often used in protein mixes. This craze is more than just to fit within specific lifestyle choices based on philosophies. It often goes beyond that to meet the need of an overall healthy lifestyle, especially when you need to avoid certain ingredients that non-vegan choices include.

Vegan protein powder as an investment

If you are health conscious and looking for a good investment, vegan protein powder may pack the punch you want. The market has already grown into the multi-billion dollar profit margin, touting $4.64 billion worldwide with expected growth to upwards of $13 billion by the year 2026.

Some of the most popular brands currently include Vega protein powder with its All-in-One powder, Orgain Organic Protein with its combination of pea, brown rice, and chia protein. Others, many of which are USDA organic, include Garden of Life, Aloha, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, and KOS. Some even offer a more natural solution to added sweeteners opting instead to use stevia or munk fruit. These include brands like MYPROTEIN by MYVEGAN, OWYN, and The Amazing Chickpea. If you’re concerned about staying fit, brands like Vega or Your Super Skinny Protein which includes hemp, are two great options as well as Form Nutrition or Sakara Life which offers more than just protein with its pea hemp, sesame and pumpkin seed sourced product.