Top Brands Are Ditching Instagram and Twitter for TikTok


Social Media has many platforms. Among the most well known is Facebook, it’s an Instagram picture featuring spin-off and Twitter. But, many big brand names like Verizon, Burger King, Fenty, and the NFL, are ditching Instagram and Twitter in exchange for the customer interaction and payback they get when they use TikTok.

What is TikTok? If you are among those in Generation Z, you are rolling your eyes right about now. If you have to ask, chances are you are over the age of 40. TikTok is a video-posting site, but unlike YouTube, features shorter and much less produced video shorts. It’s a quick and easy way to get a video up and noticed.

Their slogan is “Make Your Day Real People. Real Videos.” Chances are that even if you are not aware of its name, you’ve seen the flashy TikTok videos in advertisements, even those posted on Facebook or Twitter. TikTok claims to be designed to inspire with authentic, creative content. For big-name brands, this could open up an entirely new window of opportunity by creating content that reaches people on a meaningful and extremely interactive level. Instead of making an ad that you present to potential customers, TikTok allows you to, in essence, mingle with them as if you are right there by their side as you experience your daily life together. By interacting with TikTok with your brand, you start a conversation where the TikTok user is able to contribute something to the discussions.

The video-sharing platform has officially introduced TikTok for Business in an effort to inspire creativity and bring joy. It encourages businesses to use creativity, creates trends, and come together as a community. TikTok For Business is designed to offer business solutions to give brands and marketers the tools they need to get creative and to engage with the TikTok community.

The video-posting platform has also caught the attention of some from Hollywood as well as some major music stars. The entertainment crowd has taken to it especially now, following the mandatory stay-at-home orders for COVID-19 response that has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry.

Big brands are also taking notice, and some are combining their advertising efforts with well-known faces. For instance, Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty brand launched a collab house collective for TikTok users who are yet to be discovered.

Other brands are giving their audience a moment of fame by launching creative, interactive advertising campaigns. Burger King, for instance, set up a fun way to find money savings on a Whopper. Basically, they asked for viewers to upload themselves dancing in their orders to a specific song provided by Burger King. When customers would share their video with the BK app, they would get a discounted delivery order.