Tips for teenagers looking to work this summer


So, with the summer heat scorching the land around us, it is time for young teens to embrace adulthood. For any youngster out there planning to get a job this summer, though, there are some sure-fire tips that are likely to prove useful for you. If you want to land a summer job and ensure that you make a good impression to the point where it can do more than pay for your summertime treats, then you should definitely look to try and use the following tips to your advantage.

Show your interest

With millions unemployed and competing for the same jobs, you need to do something to stand out. So, try and make sure that your application shows at least some research and interest in the company. Throw in a few facts that fall outside the very basics found on their Wikipedia and social media sites. Instead, try and show that you are genuinely intrigued by the company and think you would be a good hire for them based on suitable reasons.

Tailor your skills

We get it – you are young, you think that nobody would hire you over someone more experienced. After all, you have no professional history. However, you can easily adapt anything from how you worked on a school project to how you assisted around the house and turn that into a genuine skill. For example, if someone asks you for the experience you have in team-building, point to school projects with a high success rate. Tailor what achievements you do have to fit the requirements of the job.

Answer the application

Many times, your resume can feel at odds with the actual reality of what the job needs. However, you should always make sure that the skills you focus on and highlight in your resume are the ones that actually apply to the job. For example, if your summer job is going to involve a lot of manual labor, then ensure that your resume actually shows you have a history of hard physical work in tough conditions.

Dress to impress

While you might want to turn up and show your informality that makes you easy to approach, turn up for a professional interview. This means wearing your best formal clothing, with something that is going to make you look good. Make sure you can show a modern sartorial style that proves you can be a good aesthetic fit for the company, whilst showing you are organized and well-kept.

Focus on flexibility

While adults applying for the same role might have things that hold them back from working certain days, you don’t have that same excuse. So, make sure that you really do boast about how flexible you can be and that you don’t mind missing out on shifts at work. Sure, it might mean that you end up losing out on a few nights with your friends – but if you are serious about using a summer job to benefit you in the long term, that’s a trade-off worth accepting.