This marketing strategy is the best one for your business


Marketing is where your success lies in building a profitable business. But, how do you go about choosing the best marketing style? There are basically two types of marketing campaigns. Here’s a look at one step versus multi-step marketing and which one is best for you.

One-step marketing is a campaign that delivers one piece of content to reach your target audience. Or, it is a product or service that is presented and purchased in one step. While this sounds ideal, usually more is needed to drive in clients and keep them coming back. That’s where the multi-step marketing uses several avenues or processes to drive traffic to your site where you can sell more.

The content is used to ultimately, hopefully generate sales. In the meantime, it is also used to answer questions, and to educate potential clients about your product or services.

When you use a multi-step approach, you always need to offer something free. This could include a free informative booklet, special report, or white paper with a call to action, such as: “Contact us today for your free copy of our booklet, How to make money now!

To avoid only drawing people who want something free, include what is called a soft and a hard offer in every campaign. The hard offer would be something like, “Contact us now to set up an appointment to discuss…” The soft offer would be for the purpose of generating leads, such as “Click the link to download your free copy.”

The multi-step marketing campaign sets up a sales funnel with various levels starting with generating leads and ultimately ending in sales. This is attained by offering something free. But, don’t just go off on a tangent without giving it any thought. Your free offer, using e-books or downloadable content should always consider a title that will capture the attention of potential clients. These titles should entice curiosity by making a promise, such a promising to unveil helpful information or tips that will solve a problem. The free offer should be something of perceived value. Include a visible price on the cover of the free download. When the potential client sees the price, the immediate value is placed upon the item. Finally, if the downloadable content is more than three pages, include a table of contents TOC with bullet points to hold their interest and make it easier to read.

Use one-step, multi-step marketing, or a little bit of both. Whichever type of marketing campaign you choose to use, the end goal is always to keep the clients you drive to your site.