The Surprising Timeline for Elon Musk’s Mars Exploration


Elon Musk has very ambitious plans when it comes to going to Mars. He is one of the few people who are taking going to the red planet seriously. Up until now, traveling to Mars seemed out of the question. How will Elon Musk make it to earth’s neighbor? The plan is pretty straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. It will take Elon Musk sticking to his plans and making sure that everyone follows suit. The game plan seems simple on paper, but a million things need to go off without a hitch to make it all happen in reality.

The first trip around the moon will take place in 2023

We’re talking about earth’s moon, not Mars. Elon Musk will send a crew to fly around the moon in 2023. Think about his slingshot around the moon trip as a warmup for what’s about to happen. It should be expected that he wouldn’t fly people straight off to Mars. After all, he needs to make sure that everything is working correctly before starting his adventure.

Send people towards Mars on 2024

Towards Mars? Yes, that’s what he’s said. Does that mean people will be going to Mars? It appears that way. It would take someone almost nine months to travel from earth to Mars. Does that mean it could be a test run, and they come back? It could be we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the year 2024.

Man will be on Mars in 2025

This statement makes you believe that it’s likely that Elon Musk expects people to leave earth in 2024 and land on Mars in 2025. The only way people would make it on Mars in 2025 without leaving in 2025 is if they left in the spring. It’s possible, but it seems highly unlikely. It makes more sense to leave a little room for a slower than expected journey and leave earth on 2024.

The first city on marks will be constructed during the 2030’s

Yes, a city is planned for the surface of Mars. A little over a decade from now, there could be a bustling city on Mars filled with people doing all kinds of things. What would a city on Mars look like? Well, that’s yet to be seen. It would more than likely resemble cities here on earth, but with the exception that you can’t walk around without plenty of safety gear. People on Mars won’t be able to go outside the house without being covered from head to toe unless the city is built inside a dome.

Make Mars-like earth in the 2100’s

Some day Mars will look like earth? That’s Elon Musk’s plans. He wants Mars to resemble earth, and who knows if that’s possible. Many people would believe that going to Mars is impossible, but anything is possible if he’s able to pull it off. The 2100s is a long time away, and it’s hard to imagine that Elon Musk will be around to see what’s going on. If he can, then he conquered not only Mars but the aging process as well.

The steps towards Mars further humanity’s quest into space

Mars is only a stepping stone for what’s to come. Some day, long into the future, humanity will colonize all of the universes No, people won’t be like they are now, but no one would believe any of it if they were told. Man and machine will one day come together as one, and the greatest distances of the universe will no longer be a hurdle. Until those days, we’re limited by our earthly bodies and our mind’s ability to imagine into the great beyond.