The Shocking Truth About World War Two Captured in Pictures


World war two left a scar on the world that will never heal. The destruction caused pain and suffering around the entire globe. Never before has humanity paid such a hefty price, and hopefully, it will never again. The war stories are well known, but the public hasn’t yet seen some of the photographs taken. All of that is about to change as we introduce the war to you in a way that few people could ever possibly fathom. If you weren’t there, you have no idea what it was like to live during one of the most destructive times in human history. Each of these pictures you’re about to see is real, and they will instill in you why the sacrifices made during these terrible times were justified.

Hermann Goering Had a Staggering Collection of Stolen Art

What you see here is Hermann Goering’s private collection of art stolen by the Nazis. The sad truth about this art is that it was taken after museums were ransacked throughout Europe, and the artifacts were then brought back to Germany. Many of the pieces stolen during this time have never been returned to their rightful owners. The stolen art has found its way to private collections and museums across the world without anyone ever thinking twice about returning it to the families and museums it was stolen from. The art in this photograph is only a small portion of the total art looted throughout the war.

German Soldiers Couldn’t Handle Seeing the Truth

A group of German soldiers watched a movie of actual events that went down at a concentration camp. The look of shock and disgust on their faces says it all. Many look in horror at what their fellow soldiers did during the war. Some of the hardened military veterans are so horrified by what they see that they cover their faces. There can be no doubt of the atrocities committed by the troops as they look on in damning video evidence that later the entire world will see. Many of these same men allowed the war crimes to happen without ever once speaking up for the victims. It’s nice to see that at least a few of these men have a conscience and are sicked by what they see.

Hitler Ordered Women and Children to Fight as Berlin Fell

Not everyone was ready to fight till the end as this crying boy proves. As Berlin began to fall, Hitler ordered everyone including women and children to fight. This poor boy knew what everyone else did in Berlin and that’s the end was coming. How can such a young man fight when he knows that his very actions will prolong the suffering of his people? the look of fear, sadness, and grief plastered all over his face says more than what any words can. Hopefully the boy was able to see the end of the war and went on to tell the world of the suffering he saw.

American Soldier Rescue a Japanese Woman and Her Baby

The Japanese emperor ordered all civilians to commit suicide instead of being captured. The Japanese people were told that Americans were rapists and murders. A shocked look is plastered all over this mother’s face as she must be wondering what will happen to her and her child. Some Japanese people would go off to desolated islands where they would live for years before learning that the war was over. Luckily for this mother and child, they were rescued and saved from what otherwise would’ve ended up as an untimely end for both of them in the wilderness. Countless Japanese have American soldiers to thank for rescuing them after the war.

A Jewish Concentration Camp Survivor Holds a Nazi at Gunpoint

The roles were reversed, and this Jewish concentration camp survivor is now pointing a gun at a Nazi. The public may not know it, but this was a common occurrence after the end of the war. The Nazi prisoners of war were often looked after by the same people they imprisoned. It’s hard to imagine what the survivor of such horrors had to feel as he pointed the gun at one of the people responsible for such vile evil. The fact that the man didn’t shoot him in the back says more about his self-control than anything could ever. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could keep their cool and treat a prisoner of war with dignity after knowing they are responsible for killing an untold amount of people.

Miniature Tanks with Plenty of Firepower

It’s hard to look at these tanks and think of anything other than the mechanical wonder that they are. Each tank was operated by two people but was smaller than a car. Up until this time, most tanks were the size of, well, tanks. Tanks were much bigger, and they required more space to maneuver. These tanks were able to fit into smaller areas but still carried a gun capable of doing some severe damage. Don’t let the size of these tanks fool you; they packed some serious firepower that anyone who was unlucky enough to come across quickly learned.

Homeless Japanese People Suffered Long After the War Ended

The suffering didn’t end after the war in Japan. After the war, many Japanese were homeless and had nowhere to live. Worse yet, many of these didn’t have anything to eat. Life was miserable, and they had to work hard to not only put a roof over their head but somehow put a few morsels of food in their stomachs. This picture is of men boarding up busses to turn into houses. They had no other place to live, and at least the busses offered shelter from the elements. It’s hard to imagine raising a family in a bus with boards on the windows, but this was the reality for many families who survived the war and were left to fend for themselves.

Hitler’s Retreat in Berchtesgaden Was Bombed Into Oblivion

This shocking photograph shows what Hitler’s retreat in Berchtesgaden looked like after it was bombed. It’s hard to believe that anyone could survive if they were anywhere near the retreat as the bombs were falling. Keep in mind all of this happened before the invention of smart bombs, so that means all of the bombs were dropped from planes. The sights and sounds of American bombers flying overhead as they dropped their payloads had to be an experience that no one who saw it will ever forget. Hitler wasn’t there, but if he had, it’s safe to say that the war would’ve ended much differently.

Aleksandra Samusenko Courageously Led Her Crew to Safety

Aleksandra Samusenko showed courage when it was needed most during the Battle of Kursk after her commander died. Aleksandra led her crew to safety after they were ambushed. It’s hard to imagine that someone with such a beautiful smile could be tough as nails. It proves that World War two brought out the best in people and gave them the strength to do things that they usually wouldn’t be able to accomplish during normal times. Aleksandra was one of the few females to rise in the ranks during the war, and she will always be remembered for the lives she saved.

Kamikaze Shot Down Before It Could Do Any Damage

American naval forces shoot down a kamikaze before it has a chance to crash into a boat. The Japanese military utilized pilots who were willing to die to wreak all kinds of havoc on American naval forces. The planes would crash into ships, causing damage and loss of life. Luckily for the people at sea, this kamikaze met his fate earlier than he anticipated. If the pilot were allowed to crash into the ship, who knows how much damage and how many lives would’ve been lost. This is one of the few photographs showing a kamikaze in flight and showing its demise before it could do any destruction.

Sometimes the Camouflage Could Be a Little Weird

It appears that these German soldiers are posing with a person wearing a bear costume. Why was someone dressed up as a bear in the forest? The answer probably isn’t to provide the soldiers with entertainment. It’s more than likely that the bear costume was camouflage. Who would look at someone in a bear costume and think it was an actual bear? Probably no one who got close enough to see it, but someone flying over in a plane might. If someone was to drive by quickly and the bear was lying on the ground, they might mistake it for the real thing. Anyone who walked upon the bear probably knew something was up right away when they saw how cartoonish the mouth was.

Georges Blind Had Nerves of Steel, and His Smile Proved It

Georges Blind was part of the French resistance, and he was as tough as nails. The smile plastered all over his face as he stood before the German firing squad says it all. There was no way that he was going to allow those cowards to intimidate him in the least. He stood bravely as they aimed and ultimately fired their weapons. This is one of the most iconic photos from World War Two. Luckily for Georges, his courage lives on. His strength and resolve speak volumes of his character and who he was. If everyone had such courage, maybe the Germans wouldn’t have been able to do the damage they did.

Bergen Concentration Camp Burns While People Watch in Silence

The British Army ordered captured German soldiers to burn the Bergen concentration camp. Why were they ordered to burn the camp? Before burning the camp, the German soldiers were ordered to bury all of the dead concentration camp victims. The fear was if the bodies weren’t burned, they would cause a mass spread of disease. The camp’s burning also signified an end to what was one of the worst atrocities in human history. The crimes committed at Bergen concentration camp were so unthinkable that they still shock the conscience until this very day. The pain and suffering by those at the camp reverberated throughout the world, and people are still trying to cope with all that went down.

U.S. Marines Take a Much-Needed Smoke Break

War is one of the most awful things a person can ever experience. it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that soldiers need a chance to regroup. The soldier to the right is having a cigarette while he’s trying to understand everything that’s going on around him. Both soldiers look as if they have been through hell and could use something a little stronger than tobacco. For many of those who were on the front lines, cigarettes were one of the few things that enabled them to get their minds off the current situation and made life at the very least a little tolerable.

Getting a Light on the Battlefield Isn’t as Easy as Many Would Believe

How do you light your cigarette when there’s no store to buy a lighter when yours dies? You do what these soldiers did, and that is use a flame thrower to light your cigarette. It might sound like a bit of overkill to some to fire up a flame thrower to light a cigarette, but anyone who thinks that hasn’t been in dire need of a smoke while on the front line. Smoking isn’t only addictive, it also relieves stress, and it’s hard to imagine a job more stressful than being a soldier in World War Two. A cigarette undoubtedly calmed their nerves and allowed them to clear their mind long enough to be able to process what’s going on around them.

Canadian Soldiers Enjoy a Glass of Local Belgian Beer

Belgium was liberated on February 4th, 1945. These Canadian soldiers couldn’t be happier that Belgium has been liberated. The battle hardened soldiers sit while enjoying a fine local Belgian beer while undoubtedly glad that the war is finally winding down. The expression on their faces says it all. They’re happy to have the opportunity to take a load off of their feet while enjoying a cold glass of beer. These guys deserved to have a beer, and hopefully, they were able to drain down a few more glasses of suds before returning to their homeland. The beer looked dark, delicious, and like it hits the spot.

An American Pays Respect to a Fallen Soldier

No one knows the buried soldier’s name, but that doesn’t stop an American from placing a wreath on his grave. A German soldier dug a grave and buried the American inside it. Why would a German soldier go through all the effort to bury an American soldier, considering how ruthless they were in other aspects? Well, that’s an unanswered question that people still have after all these years. The soldier must have been of some importance, but as to who he was, that’s anyone’s guess. Mysteries like these happen quite often during the fog of war, and they are a reoccurring theme throughout World War Two.

German Soldiers Led Away on D-day by American Soldiers

The storming of Normandy during D-Day was one of the most courageous events of the war. The American soldiers stormed Normandy and took several German soldiers in custody. The day was so draining that several of the soldiers had to take a break. What they went through that day was something that few people could mentally and physically tolerate. It’s only natural that they would want to take a break to give their minds and bodies a chance to recoup after one of the most dangerous days throughout the entire war. The fact that the Germans were so caught off guard that they were captured says a lot about how the operation was carried out.

Hilarious American Solider Does an Adolf Hitler Impression

An American soldier works hard to produce a few laughs to loosen everyone up. War is one of those things that can drain a person after just a few short days of being in the theater. It’s hard to imagine what these young men went through who were on the front lines for months or even years. A little comedy goes a long way when you’re in the heat of the battle, and all you can think about is dying. The soldier uses a comb as a fake mustache and holds his arm up, just like Hitler did while giving his famous speeches. No one knows if the soldier pursued a career in comedy or if only his comrades were lucky enough to enjoy his sense of humor.

German Pows Herded Like Cattle

The location is Nonant-le-Pin, France, and the German prisoners of war are shoulder to shoulder. Today, this piece of land is a farm. On August 21st, 1944, it was the place where German POWs had to wonder what was going on. What was their fate? Would their captures give them show them more respect than the Germans did the people they captured? It had to be insanely difficult for the camp guards not to want to retaliate against the Germans immediately, and the fact they didn’t say quite a bit about their professionalism during a time when barbarianism was running wild.

German’s Railway Gun Everyone Feared

There was no gun like it before and nothing like it since. The German railway gun was a gun that operated on railroad tracks. The weapon could go anywhere that there were tracks for a train. The gun weighed 1,350 tons, and a shot could go as far as 47 miles away. It took between 30-45 minutes for the soldiers to reload the gun and reshoot it. The time between shots had to be terrifying times for anyone within firing distance of the weapon. People had to know that another projectile was on the way, just when, had to be what worried them the most.

Americans Capture the Infamous Railway Gun

The look on the American soldier’s faces says it all. They couldn’t be happier or more proud of capturing one of World War Two’s most devastating weapons. It’s difficult to put into words the carnage that this massive gun unleashed onto innocent people. The gun relentlessly pounded civilians up to 47 kilometers away. Never before has humanity ever seen anything capable of shooting from such a far distance. Luckily the Americans came and made sure that the gun wouldn’t be fired a single time more. Anyone who was within the path of this incredible beast knew all too well the fear and mayhem that it created.

American Soldiers Getting Fit Before Hitting the Battlefield

Having a fit and trim military is essential for victory. That’s why these young men are getting in shape before they were shipped off to battle. Wars are won by the soldiers who are the best trained, and the American military spared no expense when it came to training the men before they were sent overseas. Each man was expected to be able to carry quite a bit of gear and be able to perform at peak levels throughout the war. Such physically demanding activities meant that the men had to be in good health and the only way to ensure that was the case was to get them working out long before they touched foot on foreign soil.

Gifts That Hitler Probably Would’ve Rather Not Received

These young black soldiers have some easter gifts for Adolf Hitler. These gifts were something that he’d probably rather not receive. There’s no exchanging these gifts after receiving them as many do on after Christmas. The smiles on their faces say it all. They know all too well the destruction these artillery shells were going to bring upon the enemy. The confidence each young man expels is proof that they feel justified in their actions. No one knows what Hitler thought of his gifts, but he was probably not too happy to receive them. Easter was never going to be the same again for Hitler and those who would receive these explosive presents.

Sailors Having a Blast While at Sea

The hijinks never seemed to end between the Americans and the Allies while they were at sea. These young sailors pretend to make out while another guy acts like he’s got a baseball bat in hand and ready to wallop them. When the sailors weren’t busy causing death and destruction, they were well known to live it up and have all kinds of fun on deck. Can you blame them? How can anyone not be jovial when they’re faced with the constant fear of death all day long? The sailors meant business when it came to dishing out destruction, but such a job takes its toll on a person, and they needed an outlet for their fears and worries.

Hitler and High-Ranking Nazis in Paris

Hitler can be seen in the center-right of this picture. Other high ranking Nazi officials surround him as they walk through downtown Paris. The Eiffel Tower can be directly seen behind them. Several men have solemn expressions on their faces except for the one guy in the back who seems to be overly happy. He can’t stop smiling, and no one is sure why that is. The first time anyone sees Paris can make even the worst war criminals smile in pure delight. It’s safe to say that they weren’t in Paris to enjoy its world-famous museums, bread, or anything else that we’ve come to appreciate about France.

Kitten Takes a Nap on a Us Naval Ship

A couple of quick-thinking sailors make a bed for a kitten while on board their ship. The kitten is catching some much-needed rest. The ship was probably pretty loud when they were attacking the enemy, and a lull of downtime was more than enough excuse to catch some shuteye. The soldier has a huge smile plastered all over his face. He probably is jealous of the cat’s peace of mind as it lays there sleeping. As anyone who has ever been on the battlefield knows, you always have to sleep with one eye open out of fear of missing out on the signs of a looming attack.

Fear Overcomes a Man as Nazis March Into Paris

The man at the forefront of the picture looks as horrified as a person can be. he had a gut feeling about what was going on, and undoubtedly, he was right. Anyone with half a brain knew that bad things were about to happen when the Nazis came into town. Paris would never be the same again after the Nazis occupied it. For the French, this is one of those black days in history that everyone still to this day can’t believe happened. They all knew what was happening was terrible, but he knew that it was only a matter of time before the city and country he loved would become a shell of itself due to the Nazi invasion.

The Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor Brought the Americans Into the War

There was quite a healthy debate if America should enter the war before December 7th, 1941. After the surprise bombing of Pearl Harbor that left 2,335 American dead, the debate was pretty much all but over. No one saw the Japanese coming to attack the American ships, and it was that moment America was forced to defend itself. It wouldn’t be long before Japan would feel the full force of American might when it was bombed using nuclear bombs that changed the entire trajectory of the war. No one will ever forget Pearl Harbor, and those who were alive to witness the carnage all came away with a feeling of such despair that it’s what fueled their fight to bring Japan to its knees.

Germany Had a Fleet of Remote-controlled Mini Tanks

Germany was well ahead of its time using remote-controlled miniature tanks. Today no one thinks twice about the military or even civilians using drones to do various tasks. These mini tanks weren’t very successful because they were slow and expensive. If someone in a tank saw one of these remote-controlled devices, they could push the gas pedal to the metal and get out before any damage could be done. The concept of the RC explosive devices was so advanced that they proved to be almost useless. It would be quite a few years into the future when the technology would become cheap and reliable enough to turn things like these into machines of war within every country’s budget.

A Mother and Child Rescued on Their Way to a Death Camp

All of these people were on their way on a train to go to a Nazi death camp. The looks of happiness and horror are things that no one can make up. Even the little girl looks terrified, knowing what was about to happen to her. Everyone in this picture was saved by allied troops who stopped the train and allowed everyone to get off. Sadly, stories like these aren’t the norm, and many families died cruel deaths at the hands of the Nazis. History will not be forgiving of those who allowed such atrocities to flourish. The people who were on their way to be slaughtered now have a new lease on life, and they are a testament to the human spirit.

Children Wearing Gas Masks as They Played Outside

English cities were being bombed left and right by Germany. The fear was always that they would use chemical weapons against the civilians. Adults, as well as children, were all issued gas masks. These children can be seen outside playing with their government-issued gas masks on. The children were too young to know what’s going on, but their parents had to feel a sense of fear and panic, knowing that a chemical attack could occur at any time. Living under such a threat only had to strengthen their resolve to see that Hitler’s days were numbered. The English people’s determination was tested, and they came out on the other end stronger and more eager to defend freedom than during any other period in history.

Hand to Hand Combat Expert Defies Odds to Save Himself

Many people to this very day don’t believe Col. Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle could save himself from being injured in the slightest. He ordered all the men to kill him with their bayonets so that he could teach them hand to hand combat skills. These are the skills that soldiers rely on when they’re face to face with an enemy, and there’s no choice but to get up close and personal. The soldiers look as if they’re mystified about what’s going to happen next. The lessons he taught them would undoubtedly save many of their lives as they faced a hardened military ready to fight at arm’s length if need be.

A Royal Air Force Pilot Takes a Nap After a Dogfight

The dogfights between the British Royal Air Force against its enemies were some of the deadliest in all of the war. Here a pilot is taking a nap. At a minute’s notice, he could be called to fly and go toe to toe against one of Germany’s best pilots. The aviation marvels that happened in the sky were primarily due to the British’s determination to end the war. Germany had some of the best and brightest pilots who flew the most advanced aircraft of the war. The British pilots were up against a fierce enemy who had no idea what was coming their way until it was much too late.

The Unlikely Allies Who Helped Turn the Tide of the War

Hitler had no idea what he was doing when he broke the peace agreement between Germany and Russia. This is a picture of an American and a Russian soldier working together for a common cause. The Russians had already devoted an untold amount of physical and human resources to put an end to Hitler’s reign of terror. The addition of American troops ensured that Hitler and Germany would face a demise fitting for a person and country who unleashed so much suffering to so many people throughout the region. This isn’t a picture of merely two men working closely together; it’s the hope of two nations who want to bring the war to an end.

Soldiers in Tanks Using Umbrellas to Stay Dry

The rain has a way of ruining almost everything. These soldiers are driving down the road while in a total downpour. The rain doesn’t stop them from going to their destination. It’s a little odd seeing grown men in a tank using umbrellas, but they had to keep dry. War doesn’t stop for anything, and that includes rain as well. The rain may stop a baseball game, but action is a whole different story. The war raged on, and it didn’t matter to these brave young men if they got wet or not. A little rain wasn’t going to stop them from what they saw as their patriotic duty to protect and serve.

Color Picture of the Airborne Division of the 295th Squadron of the Raf

World War Two buffs know how rare it is to see a color picture from this era. This is the Airborne Division of the 295th Squadron of the RAF, and the photograph was taken in October 1942. These were some of the bravest men ever to suit up and go into battle. They were fearless and didn’t stop until the objective was complete. They are one of the many driving forces behind the victory of the war. None of them knew it at the time, but their efforts would help put an end to the war and allow everyone to live in safety. The colors are so vibrant for a photograph taken so long ago that it makes you feel like you’re there standing on the green grass with them.

A Young Concentration Camp Survivor Draws a Picture of Home

No one would ever doubt that being in a concentration camp could have a devastating impact on a child’s life. Here is a girl who was in a concentration camp, drawing a picture of what she claims is her home. The abuse she suffered at the hands of the Nazis had a lasting impact on her that can be seen here. Why does she think that this drawing represents her house? It’s because she has been through such a traumatic experience that her brain can’t decipher reality from a garbled bunch of lines and circles. The lasting effects of the abuse children like her suffered went well into their adulthood, and many were emotionally scared to the point they weren’t able to function in society.

Standup Comic Putting on a Show for His Fellow Soldiers

This standup comedian chose to improve his act at the Reichstag building, the Third Reich’s headquarters. The building has seen its better days, but the allies are there and having the time of their lives. The comic is doing his best Hitler imitation during his performance. There is no record as to what the jokes were, but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. A little humor enabled the soldiers to have a pressure valve so they wouldn’t explode during the difficult times at war. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, and no one laughs harder than someone who has seen an endless amount of death and destruction.

Soldiers Patiently Waiting as Their Boat Approaches Omaha Beach

Many of the soldiers, just like these who were waiting to land on Omaha Beach, didn’t make it. They were killed as they were getting onto the beach. No one knows how many if any of these soldiers were killed on their way to the beach. All of them had to be well aware of what was about to happen, and many must have known that they would never come back home alive. Sometimes a moment in time captured in a photograph makes everyone pause and realize how precious life is. It’s entirely possible that these young men met a fate that turned them into martyrs a few heartbeats after the camera snapped this shot.

Women of the Women’s Royal Navy Service Arm a Hawker Hurricane

Women played a vital role for the British in the war. In this photograph, the Women of the Women’s Royal Navy Service are seen arming a Hawker Hurricane aircraft, preparing it to go into combat. The bullets the women carefully filled the plane with would be used to wreak all kinds of destruction onto anyone crazy enough to cross their path. Tasks like these were invaluable in that they played a role in ensuring the allies would defeat the enemy and do so as quickly as possible. Everyone had to work together, and there’s no better example of that than what these ladies are doing.

Bookworms Search Through a Bombed Library for Reading Material

There might be a war going on, but these people still need something to read. The Germans bombed Their favorite library, which was a perfect opportunity to see what was still on the shelf. Surprisingly, quite a few books withstood the bombing, and that’s good news for anyone who considers themselves a bookworm. All of these guys had one thing in common, and that’s a love of the written word. The hope had to be that there were at least a handful of books that survived that each of them hadn’t ever read before. A good book can take anyone’s mind off of a war that seems like it’s going to rage on forever.

Rising of the American Flag on Iwo Jima

This is by far one of the most iconic photos of World War Two. The soldiers are raising the American flag on top of Mount Suribachi. Since this picture has been taken, every generation has seen it as one of the most patriotic moments in American history. There’s no way that the men who raised the flag could’ve ever known the impact this moment in time would have. For decades, people have viewed their actions as one of the most defining moments in all of the war. The photo symbolizes the struggle and the efforts required of a great nation to put an end to the enemy’s destructive plans.

A Celebration Like No Other in Moscow

The war was over, and people in Moscow could finally celebrate. Millions of Russians had died, and the carnage would be felt for decades to come. For this little sliver of time, the people could finally breathe a sigh of relief as they realized the war was over. The war’s damage was far from over, but knowing that no more young men and women would have to sacrifice their lives is reason enough to bring people to the streets for this joyous occasion. No country paid a price like Russia did during the war, and that’s evident by how many people took to the streets once it was all over.

Staying Out Of View Of A German Sniper

Germany had some of the best snipers, and everyone knew they shot with deadly accuracy. Here an American soldier is running behind a U.S. Sherman tank to protect themselves from incoming fire. The man running risked his life and knew what the consequences would be if he got hit. The German sharpshooters were so good; it only took them one shot to do the deed. Anyone who was in direct line of sight of a German sharpshooter had no chance of surviving. The bravery exhibited in this photograph speaks volumes about the young men who were willing to put their lives on the line to put an end to an evil like the world has never seen before.

Exhausted American Soldiers Look Battle Fatigued

These American soldiers have been fighting without food or sleep for two days. A cup of coffee offers them a little nourishment as they finally get to take a break. Exhaustion isn’t the only thing they’re battling; it’s clear that they are shell shocked as well. The combat they were in took its toll on all three of them, both physically and mentally. The young man on the left doesn’t look much older than 18, and all three are covered in dirt. No one knows what happened to these men, but they all share a common experience that, for the time being, makes them closer than brothers.

Allied Aircraft Flies Over Egypt

This color photograph of the allies flying over Egypt is stunning. The pyramids are in the background, and they symbolize an old era in a new war. Imagine what the people who built those pyramids would’ve thought if they knew these fantastic contraptions called air planes would be flying nearby during a world war? What’s going on was unthinkable during modern times; it’s hard to believe anyone from way back when could’ve ever grasped anything like this. The world had changed so much since the pyramids were built, and it could be said without a shadow of a doubt that those were much simpler times.

Sweden Flies Germany’s Flag at Half-mast

Sweden flies the German flag at half-mast after learning of Hitler’s death. There are quite a few conspiracies that have floated around since the taking of this photograph. The first conspiracy is that Hitler didn’t kill himself, and he fled to someplace in South America. The other conspiracy surrounds why Sweden flew the German flag at half-mast. Why were they so concerned about Hitler’s death? Certainly, they weren’t showing any signs of respect for the fallen mass murdered. The question of why they lowered the flag has remained a mystery, and it will more than likely always be. The people in this picture don’t appear to be in mourning, and they seem to be going about their daily lives.

Canadian Air Force Pilot Receives a Haircut in the Desert

The desert seems like the last place anyone would ever want to receive a haircut. Tunisia played a pivotal role in giving the allies the upper hand during the war. The location in North Africa was so important strategically to victory that it’s one reason why the allies won. Here a Canadian air force pilot is receiving a haircut. It’s the small things amid battle that enable people to maintain a small amount of sanity. A haircut isn’t what it seems when you spend a significant portion of your day flying while trying your best to kill your enemy.

Inflatable Tanks Were Designed to Fool the Enemy

Believe it or not, the American military devised an ingenious plan to fool German soldiers using inflatable tanks. The tanks had speakers on them, and they looked and sounded incredibly real. These tanks fooled the Germans, and the result was anything but good news for them. Surprisingly, such a decoy could work in fooling the Germans and instill quite a bit of damage onto them. The person who thought up of these tanks were probably laughed at until people discovered that they work on the battlefield. Who knew the Germans would fall for such an unsophisticated method of trickery that usually only works on ducks and wild animals?

A Box Full of Wedding Rings Stolen from Jewish People

The Nazis didn’t only kill the Jews, but they also stole everything they owned. This box contains the wedding rings that were stolen from Jewish people. Every ring represents a person, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of rings. These rings are symbolic of a life, and no one knows how many if any of the people who owned those rings escaped. Marriage is generally a beautiful thing, but it’s a sad reminder of humanity in this instance. The love the people shared who got married is one thing that will never die, even if their earthly bodies succumbed to torture.

End of War Celebrations Bring Everyone Out in New York City

It’s no secret that many Americans opposed entering World War Two. Feelings changed in America after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. These people are outside in New York City, celebrating the end of the war. Men and women alike took to the streets in jubilation as they learned the war had finally come to an end. Everyone sacrificed during this time, and no one was left unscathed from the torment and destruction that took place all around the globe. Each of these people is not only happy that the war has come to an end, but they hope that nothing like this will ever happen again.

Queen Elizabeth Answers the Call of Duty

Queen Elizabeth felt it was her duty to serve her country during World War Two. She worked as a mechanic and a driver. Queen Elizabeth also practiced her shooting skills at Buckingham Palace if the Germans tried to take it over. It’s safe to say that she was ready to defend not only her palace but the country as well. It was during these times that all people felt a patriotic duty to serve their country. Even the queen played a role in protecting the motherland while helping the allies nudge a little closer to victory. Brave women like her are the reason why the Nazis were toppled.

RIP was responsible for rescuing people after German bombings

RIP helped the British find survivors after German air raids. RIP saved an untold amount of lives, and it’s only fitting that he be remembered until the end of time. He doesn’t realize it, but his work was so important to the people of Brittan. The Germans were relentless in their bombing, and it was dogs like this one that made sure that no survivor ever was neglected. RIP served his country well, and for that, he deserved to be honored. Four-legged heroes like himself often don’t receive the recognition that they deserve. As time marches on, no one must forget the sacrifices dogs such as RIP made to help Brittan overcome the enemy.

American Soldiers Rest After a German Artillery Attack

American soldiers take a break and regroup after being bombarded by a German artillery attack. The holes in the tent are from shrapnel from the exploded shells. The soldiers don’t seem too worried or upset after being under fire. They all seem to be thinking about what their next move is going to be. Every little hole in the tent came from a piece of metal intended to be inside them. There is no information regarding if anyone died during the shelling. The men are focused on the task at hand, making the Germans pay for what they did.

Dutch Children Being Led by Allied Soldiers

Dutch children were always happy to see allied soldiers. The soldiers here are taking them to a dance. The comfort of knowing they are safe and sound is what the children liked best about the soldiers. Many of the soldiers probably thought of their children back home, and being able to spend time with these kids kept them from feeling too homesick. Both the soldiers and the children yearn for anything that remotely feels like life as it once was before the war began. Some of these children were too young to know what the world was like before the fighting started.

People in Amsterdam Taking Cover as German Soldiers Fire Upon Them

A lamp post doesn’t seem like much cover, but it’s all these people have to keep them safe from German gunfire. The people of Amsterdam were under attack by the Germans, and cover was in short supply. Notice the child walking around as if nothing is going on. The sad truth about war is, children like these are far more common than anyone would like to believe. A child has no grasp of life or death or what’s going on around them. The child can’t process the danger they’re in. Hopefully, the callus German soldiers showed a grain of compassion and allowed this kid to live.

American Soldiers Celebrating Taking Over the Eagle’s Nest

American Soldiers seize one of Adolph Hitler’s most prized retreats. Hitler took his top henchmen here along with his mistress. It’s easy to see why Hitler found this area so special. The view of the mountains in the background is breathtaking. The soldiers seem to be enjoying themselves as they relax and ham it up a little for the camera. Their relaxing would be short-lived because there were other battles down the road that would need to be conquered. For now, these brave young men can enjoy the fruits of their courage while taking a load off their feet in a space once occupied by Hitler.

A Muslim Woman Protects a Jewish Woman

It took a lot of courage to do what this Muslim woman did. She blocked people from seeing the Jewish woman’s star of David on her dress. If the wrong person had seen the Jewish symbol, she would’ve been arrested immediately. These small acts of bravery weren’t as uncommon as people might like to believe between the Jews and the Muslims. If there was one thing that the Muslims understood, it was being persecuted. Neither of them at this time sees each other as people of different faiths but as members of the human race. The bond they share is one of understanding what it means to be a woman and a mother during a time when the world is collapsing around you.

Soldiers Recovering After Storming the Beaches on D-day

The emotional and physical scars of storming the beaches on D-Day are what these brave men exhibit. This picture was taken June 6th, 1944, and it’s a day none of them will ever be able to forget. If it weren’t for the courage of these men, the war would’ve taken a much different turn. They all paid the price for their sacrifice, but they don’t seem to be aware of it. They’re all nursing their wounds while thinking about what their comrades are doing right now who weren’t injured. The one consistent about war is, a soldier will always think about the people he went into battle with, and their stories will live with them for as long as their heart beats.

Soldiers Can’t Believe the Destruction at Pearl Harbor

The day was December 17, 1941. It was a day that not a single one of these soldiers will ever be able to forget. They’re looking on at the destruction caused by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. All of these men have to be wondering what’s going to happen next. No one can grasp what the Japanese were able to pull off. These young men don’t realize that these actions will lead America into World War Two. The things they are witnessing will put America on a trajectory to change its history forever. Until this attack, most Americans wanted nothing to do with the war, but all that was about to change once they heard about these attacks.

American Soldiers Run Toward Omaha Beach

American soldiers race towards Omaha Beach on D-Day June 6th, 1944. This picture doesn’t show the Germans who are constantly shooting at the soldiers as they get closer to the beach. Not only did the Americans have to battle through waist-deep water, but they also had to be fearful of being picked off by German gunmen. The soldiers were sitting ducks in a pond for any German who had a good enough eye to pick them off. Surprisingly, somehow many Americans were able to get onto the beach, and the rest is history. Without the D-Day invasion, the war would’ve either dragged on or not been won by the allies.

Forced to Conform Against Her Will

A woman is forced to solute Nazis as they march through her town in Czechoslovakia. It’s clear that she doesn’t want to solute, and even worse, she knows what’s about to happen. Nothing good happens when Nazis come to town, and the look on her face says it all. What good would it have done for her to put up a fight? She knew that the odds were stacked against her, and the only thing she could do it conform and solute like everyone else. Those weren’t tears of joy streaming down her face, they were of grief, and the coming days, weeks, and months would prove her fears to be true.

Firefighters Fighting the Flames After a German Attack

A group of firefighters is battling a blaze after German planes dropped bombs on London. It was common for the Germans to bomb London at night, which made fighting the fires all that much more difficult. Firefighters were often forced to wait until morning to fight the fires because they could not see what’s going on. It appears that whatever the bombs didn’t destroy, fire surely did. It’s a losing battle to save anything around them, but these firefighters can’t stop fighting. It’s in their blood to continue and try to save as much of London as they can from burning to the ground.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower Rallying the Troops Before Battle

A group of paratroopers listens closely as General Dwight D. Eisenhower instructs them on what they’re about to do. The men are about to breach the beaches and need all the encouragement they can get. Both the general and the paratroopers most know that some of them aren’t going to come back alive as they jump out of the plane above the beach. Each of them is fully aware of the importance of the mission and what it means for the war’s future. General Dwight D. Eisenhower stands firm, strong, and he never waivers when it comes to telling the brave men how much the country and their fellow soldiers respect what they’re about to do.