The Most Luxurious Houses Of Your Favorite Celebrities


Imagine having enough money to plop down on an extravagant home of your dreams. This is exactly how these rich and famous celebrities get to live. They have no worries of a mortgage payment, and get to enjoy plenty of luxurious space to spread out. Maybe all this luxury will require a staff of service personnel, but it looks like money is no issue for these most luxurious home owners in that regard either. Some are nice mansions you might expect, but others on this list go to the extreme. Let’s take a walk through the most expensive and stunningly elaborate homes owned by these top celebrities.

Oprah’s $90 Million Montecito Mansion

And, you get a home, and you get a home, and you, and you! The former talk show host who was known for her generosity in giving audiences lavish gifts owns an amazing mansion of her own. Her home in Montecito is said to be worth $90 Million. This is not the only lucrative property she has successfully invested her money in. She owns numerous real estate properties all across the United States. This one is in California in a rural farm setting and considered to be an equestrian estate complete with fruit and avocado orchards. She also owns property in Hawaii, a $14 Million mansion in Telluride, Colorado, just to name a few.

Tiger Woods And His $60 Million Florida Estate

Some guys go out and have a mid-life crisis complete with stifling depression. Wallowing in upset was apparently not Tiger Woods’ style. Not long after his nasty divorce was final, Tiger sprung for this expanse of an estate worth $60 Million. It is located on the private and exclusive Jupiter Island in Florida. The estate has a professional gym and a complete running track. Of course, it also has a four-hole golf course. Why he didn’t go for the compete 18 holes or even 9 is still a mystery. He dropped a full $60 Million on the expanse of land and house on the waterfront.

Mariah Carey’s $13 Million Los Angeles Home

Mariah Carey is a very popular and talented singer who has made her mark in the music industry and performing. Her net worth is huge, so when she decides on where she prefers to live, she has her pick. She chose this Los Angeles home worth $13 Million as one of her numerous properties. This mansion features a gourmet kitchen, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a huge family room. Outside is a luxurious patio where she can easily entertain friends next to the large pool. As far as her fans are concerned, she could entertain anywhere. But, why settle for anything less than gorgeous.

Hilary Duff’s Multi-Million Dollar San Francisco Home

This mega star can spread out and relax in her 9,277 square foot home in San Francisco. It has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a huge outdoor pool that shimmers in the lights after dark. But, wait! There is so much more this Disney celebrity owns. The home also has a wine cellar, a cognac room, and a game room and gym where she can workout to stay in shape for dancing and to continue to look great in front of the camera. There is plenty of space to keep her cars safe too in the three complete garages outside.

Keith Richards And His New York Home

Keith Richards is an original member of the famous band, The Rolling Stones. His success left him with a vast amount of money that he has chosen to invest in real estate, in part. Of course, one of his investments was a New York penthouse with spectacular views of the city. This mansion is very unique in that it is split into three separate sections that brilliantly are designed to also function together. It’s sort of like three-part harmony, or maybe it’s just close enough for rock and roll. Regardless, the place is worth $10.5 Million and is located in New York.

Johnny Depp’s $12.7 Million Los Angeles Home

If you’ve seen a movie in the last few decades, chances are you’ve heard the name Johnny Depp. He has starred in various movies but is most known for The Pirates of the Caribbean. With all of his acquired paychecks from his talent on camera, he enjoys a hobby of collecting and investing in real estate. One of the mansions he acquired is this $12.7 Million property. He decorated the house himself, so chances are you are either going to love it or hate it depending on whether or not you are a fan of his unique taste. Let’s just hope he got a little help from Edward Scissorhands for the landscaping.

Ozzy Osbourne’s $10 Million California Home

Musicians and those who enjoy a good concert of music from the 1970s and ‘80s need no introduction to this iconic star. In fact, all you need to mention is his first name, Ozzy. It would only make sense that he would want a quiet respite place where he can get away from fans and enjoy time with his wife. When he shouts for Sharon to come to his aid, she just might be too far away to hear in this expansive home. He owns this 10,953 square foot mansion located in Hidden Hills, California. The home features a whopping ten bathrooms and six bedrooms. It also has an outdoor swimming pool.

Taylor Swift’s $17 Million Rhode Island Mansion

In Rhode Island, set high on the cliffs, are some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Taylor Swift is among the rich and famous who had acquired one of her own at the highest point in Watch Hill. The things that sets her rich expenditure apart form others is that she was just 27 years old. And, she paid for it in cash. No 30-year mortgage for this girl. This isn’t her only piece of real estate, but it is her favorite. It touts an 11,000 square foot with 8 bedrooms. Additionally, it has a breathtaking view of the shore and the bay.

Katharine Hepburn’s $11.5 Million Connecticut Home

For a woman who seemed to have it all in regard to talent, she earned every penny of her expansive wealth. An iconic actress known for her dignity and grace, Katharine Hepburn earned her multiple awards. She was in front of a camera throughout six full decades with a respectable career that spanned the gamut. She acquired quite the wealth that she was easily able to plop down on this multi-million dollar Connecticut mansion on the water. The home boasted 8,000 square feet of space inside. Outside, the scenery was breathtaking. It featured 19 bedrooms. Guests were offered the use of two separate beaches to enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston’s $42 Million Beverly Hills Home

Jennifer Aniston and you could be real-life Friends. She may make you feel like you know her from her portrayal on screen. And, this $42 Million Beverly Hills home offers plenty of space to entertain and have all of her friends over. She was drawn to the house for its “warm hug” feel. The house offers five bedrooms and a three-car garage. There is also a game room for entertaining and relaxing as well as a multi-million dollar gym to help her stay fit. As warm and friendly as the house may be, it is located just minutes from nearby Sunset Boulevard.

Billy Joel’s $35 Million Florida Mansion

Once popular for his album titled, Glass Houses, it turns out that this mega star, piano-playing musician may have wanted to see what it felt like to live in side surrounded by glass after all. He bought this home in La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, Florida that was later estimated at a whopping $35 Million price tag. But, that shouldn’t surprise anyone since he even once sold one of his houses to comedian Jerry Seinfeld. This house has a 4-car garage, an outdoor kitchen, a pier, boat slip, and even a wine cellar. Even though it is so close to the ocean, it also features a swimming pool.

Kate Hudson’s Dream Home

With well-known parents who hit the big time, this popular girl has grown up knowing only the lap of luxury. When it came time for an upgrade, this celebrity didn’t move too far away. She moved right next door to her old home. Kate Hudson lives in her dream house in Pacific Palisades. The house is estimated to worth about $5.3 Million. Her high profile lifestyle puts her at higher risk for a break-in, so she made sure she can rest easy. She added her own touch of an elaborate high-tech security system to keep her and her belongings safe.

Celine Dion’s Home On Jupiter Island

When one of your choices of where to live is this $38.5 Million home located on its own island, there is no doubt that her heart will go on. Though, she sold the home in 2017, the mansion that is 20,000 square feet to dance around in including at least 10 bedrooms, two guest houses, a home theater, a gym, and her own tennis court was once hers. Oh, and let’s not fail to mention that the home used to be part of a water park, so of course it still has a huge pool and its own private water slide. This is not her only piece of real estate that she has owned. She actually owns property in several places around the world.

Charlize Theron’s California Dreaming $3.8 Million Home

As one of the most influential and highest paid actresses in the world, she probably has a few million dollars of lee-way when it comes to home buying. She may not be in the market of flipping houses, but this isn’t her first home buyer’s purchase. This South African beauty has owned numerous homes in the Los Angeles area alone. She bought this mansion after selling her old home for $3.6 Million about a decade ago. When it came time to sell this three-bedroom home, she listed it for $4.6 Million. While, the property is purely amazing, in the end it sold for a mere $3.8 Million.

Bella Thorne’s Los Angeles Home

She may still be young and up-and-coming, but she’s already arrived at landing herself some pretty nice real estate. Her Los Angeles mansion in Sherman Oaks is said to be worth just slightly more than $2 Million. Inside, she has more than 4,500 square feet of living space with six bathrooms, six bedrooms, a fireplace, and large walk-in closets. Even though she was too young to drink in the state of California when she bought the house, she also made sure to have a wine room. Out back is a fun place to entertain with a bar, a barbecue, a pool, and a spa.

Jenny McCarthy’s $1.8 Million Geneva Home

Though, she only rented the home while she was dating Chicago Bears Brian Urlacher, this well-known star enjoyed all of the benefits it had to offer. Maybe you’re thinking it’s on Lake Geneva, but this Chicago sports fan purchased this property in Geneva, Illinois. When it sold in 2014, the selling price of $1.8 Million. She may have not made the best deal on the place, since only a few months later the buyer turned around and listed it for $2.3 Million. The house offers tons of living space, an outdoor swimming pool, and rests on 2.5 acres of beautifully scenic land.

Kris Jenner’s La Quinta Home

Yes, La Quinta is also the name of a hotel chain. But, no! Kris Jenner did not live in these hotel rooms. She did, however, own a $12 Million house located in La Quinta, California. As the matriarch of the reality TV stars, Kris has spear-headed her daughters’ careers. Her youngest even went on to become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. The La Quinta home is, of course, stunningly beautiful. Having guests over would be a dream come true with plenty of place to relax and no fighting over who is next in line to use the bathroom. It offers 7 bedrooms, 8 full bathrooms, and two half baths.

Tom Hanks And His Property

Before Tom Hanks was seen on television or the Big Screen, he was destined for fame and fortune. Buying and selling houses, however, may not be his best talent. When he and wife Rita Wilson tried to sell their Pacific Palisades home, they wanted the selling price to be $18 Million. When they did not receive any offers, they made the decision to drop the asking price. They ended up accepting a selling price that was far below their original price tag. Thankfully, they owned another home that they sold around the same time that made than a more than $10 Million profit.

Josh Hutcherson’s Hollywood Hills Home

Turns out this actor from the very popular The Hunger Games may be hungry for owning and selling real estate as well. He invested part of his first paychecks into an 1,821 square feet Holly Hills home. The property is thought to be worth more than $2.5 Million. It may seem modest compared to other fancy celebrity-owned mansions, but it’s a nice place to live for this star. The home offers two bedrooms, a simple barbecue space, and an entire movie lounge. The home is built entirely out of solid wood construction and is situated in a safe and spacious neighborhood.

George W. Bush’s Prairie Chapel Ranch

The years of walking the halls of the White House and occupying the desk in the Oval Office are behind him. He traded it all in for a more kicked-back and relaxing lifestyle in the heart of West Texas. His home was once affectionately referred to as the Western White House. He and his wife have plenty of space to spread out on its 1,600 acres of land. Architect David Heymann came up with the architectural design of the house. His designs have received nationally published and recognized design honors. The interior features some special touches including a cocktail table designed by the former First Lady herself.

Mike Wolfe’s Home in Leiper’s Fork

There may be two kinds of pickers in the world, one who plucks on a stringed instrument and one who collects things, even if it is to flip for a profit. Mike Wolfe is the latter kind of picker. But, when it comes to picking homes, he settled for one tucked away on land filled with 32 acres of woods in Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee. He became famous for negotiating prices of antiques with his television show partner, Frank. When it came to pick his home in Tennessee, his wife may have had a say. Inside is 5,100 square feet of living space decorated with antiques that he, no doubt, picked up along the way.

The Obamas’ Washington Real Estate

After he left the White House, former President Obama moved his family to a rented 8,200 square-foot home nearby. The couple made the decision to buy the home for $8.1 Million in 2017. Don’t think they walked away from Chicago, however. They also purchased a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom home in Edgartown, Massachusetts in 2019 which is set on 29 acres and worth $11.75 Million. They also kept their Chicago estate as well. In addition, they The piece of real estate is situated in an upscale, exclusive neighborhood of Kalorama and are neighbors with Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Ron Howard’s $27.5 Million Greenwich Home

It’s all Happy Days when it comes to owning luxurious places to live for this successful director who got his start as a child on the Andy Griffith Show. Every role he ever stepped into seemed to blossom from his golden touch, and it seems as if he has the same luck with properties. He sold his home in Greenwich, Connecticut for a whopping $27.5 Million. The home is located on an enclave called Conyers Farm, near Westchester, New York. It looked out over breathtaking panoramic views of Converse Lake. The home actually seems to tell the story of this star’s rise to fame with the front offering a warm, homey and welcoming vibe like the folks in Mayberry and then opens up to stunning décor and scenery.

Tom Selleck’s Home In Ventura County

Not many stars hold the iconic role as Tom Selleck. This man who became famous almost entirely due to his mustache, has made his home in one of the most interesting locations. He owns a 60-acre restored 1910 hunting lodge in Ventura County, California. The acreage also houses a second ranch house that was constructed in 1926. Next to it is a horse corral and a 20-acre working avocado farm. It also boasts a private helipad. Tom enjoys playing tennis on his private tennis court or going horseback riding on one of his horses. When things heat up, he takes a dip in his large swimming pool.

Troy Aikman’s $24 Million Highland Park Home

This man who made his living throwing and catching footballs as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, made a home for himself in Highland Park, Texas. The property is said to be worth a whopping $24 Million. It contains a nice swimming pool and sweet landscaping on the 1.45 acres. Inside, it features five bedrooms and 6.2 bathrooms. This three-story structure is presented in a Mediterranean style of architecture with arched glass doors and windows and a double-story atrium. You could enjoy quite the Superbowl party spread in the large dining room that features its own fireplace and coffered ceilings. Throughout the house are several additional fireplaces. And, despite his love for football, he has his own basketball court near the gardens.

Vanna White’s $47.5 Million Los Angeles Home

She may have made her living and become famous by turning over large letters on Wheel Of Fortune, but host Vanna White has also won big with her Los Angeles mansion said to be worth $47.5 Million. She and her ex-husband once shared this home that sold for those earth-shattering figures. They split up in 2002, but Vanna held onto the home for several years after to rent it out. She finally made the decision to put it up for sale, and the price tag was staggering but most likely worth it for the buyer. The home has eight large bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a pool, a mini spa, a gym, and a vineyard. To top it off, as a home owner she enjoyed some top-celebrity neighbors of Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, and Denzel Washington.

Dwyane Wade’s California Mansion

Ooh, that spiral staircase in the center of the house may be eye-catching enough for a top celebrity to spend a fortune on this home. This NBA superstar bought the home for $6 Million. It is located in Sherman Oaks and offers 8,650 square feet of living room to move, or dribble a ball. There are five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and in addition to that beautiful spiral staircase, there is an elevator. On the lowest level, there is a wellness room, a stocked wine cellar, and a cinema room. Move outside, you will be awestruck by the pool and hot tub that offer breathtaking views.

Khloe Kardashian’s California Homes

The Kardashians have made a name for themselves on reality TV, and the family continues to rake in a fortune. Khloe has plopped a portion of this fortune down on a home once owned by Justin Bieber. The pop superstar walked away with $7.2 Million while Khloe got to live in and enjoy the dream home. She could take a swim in the outdoor pool, walk around the gardens, or enjoy the huge gourmet kitchen. The home has eight bedrooms and four bathrooms. Khloe, however, sold the house for $15.5 Million. She more than doubled the original selling price through heavy publicity and a number of renovations.

Kimora Lee Simmons And Her $25 Million Home

This girl has an eye for fashion, and it doesn’t stop at clothing designs. She and Tim Leissner bought this Beverly Park mansion for $25 Million. There is plenty of space for this very tall, 6-foot female entrepreneur from the heart of the Midwest to walk around the 20,000 square foot inside or to explore seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, an office, a modernized kitchen, a home theater, and curved staircases that add a sweet touch to the multi-million estate. As if these are not enough amenities, the home also includes a sunken tennis court, an outdoor swimming pool, and a spa.

Sean Hannity’s Long Island Mansion

This Fox News host of his own show may have conservative views on politics but not when it comes to how or where he lives. He owns a luxurious home located by the water on Long Island. Oh, but this isn’t his only property. He is said to own about 900 properties thought to be worth more than $90 Million. While he shared his home with his wife and children for years, he and his wife eventually divorced in 2019. He most recently has shared am entirely different gorgeous house in Oyster Bay with Fox News co-worker Ainsley Earhardt whom he had been dating.

Diane Kruger’s New York Luxury Apartment

Not all pricey celebrity homes are mansions set out on an ocean side or in breathtaking views of mountains or expanse greenery. For Diane Kruger, she chose to live in downtown New York City a midst the hustle and bustle of urban life. Then again, she is from West Germany, so maybe the spot reminds her of her spot back home. The place she claimed as home is said to be worth $4.2 Million for which she put down $2.5 Million. It contains 1,943 square feet with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a powder room, a laundry room, a small mudroom, an office, and of course, a walk-in closet.

Tobey Maguire’s West Hollywood Home

Where does Spiderman hang out when he’s not on camera making a blockbuster film? Actor Tobey Maguire who took on the role decided to make his home in West Hollywood. When he bought the property, he spent more than $3 Million. The home is 3,258 square feet of room to move with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. One of the most jaw-dropping features is the telescopic glass sliders that open to a 48-foot saline swimming pool. If you think this stunning home looks gorgeous during the day, just wait till the sparkling water is lit up in the night time.

Travis Barker’s $2.8 Million California Mansion

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Don’t blink, or you may miss it!” you will understand the importance of this guy keeping his eyes wide open for deals. Thankfully, this Blink 182 drummer had his eyes fixed on the prize of this $2.8 Million California mansion. The house is, however, only one of his two homes that he has purchased. This one boasts a full 7,196 square feet with five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a fitness room, and a home theater. It also has a built-in fire pit, a swimming pool, and a spa where he can relax after an intense drumming session that would tire anyone’s muscles.

Dennis Quaid’s $14 Million Montana Estate

High-rolling living in luxurious Beverly Hills is not the style that every celebrity finds comfortable for them. Dennis Quaid is one of those who enjoys his quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the rich and famous lifestyles. He has enjoyed the wide open land that only Montana offers in abundance. His home sits on 418 acres located in the southwest part of the state. It boasts of several ponds, fishing spots, riding trails, horse stables, garages, and four guest houses. The home itself is 5,300 square feet and is constructed to look like a cozy cabin with three bedrooms and four baths.

Pat Sajak’s California Home

While the price tag on the $699 Thousand home doesn’t seem to even compare to the multi-milion dollar counterparts, Pat Sajak is definitely among top celebrities who have a nice home. This is actually the Wheel of Fortune host’s former home that was refurbished. He apparently once shared the home with his then wife, Sherrill. Since their 1986 divorce and decision to sell the home they once shared plenty of memories in, he has become even richer and could most likely afford an even more luxurious place to live. Though, his down-to-earth and friendly personality may still translate in his picks of real estate.

Jon Bon Jovi’s $42 Million New York Home

When this very popular and talented famous musician bought a property in Soho back in 2007, he spent $24 Million. Since then, the gorgeous 7,452 square feet home has gone up in worth dramatically. It is now said to be worth about $42 Million. At least, that is the price someone offered him, and he turned them down. The home is actually more of an apartment on the top floor of the New Museum’s Mercer Street building. It offers five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. What makes it even more spectacular are its 11-foot ceilings and multiple terraces that make up 3,100 square feet of room to move freely. There are also two chef kitchens and a marble bath.

Conor McGregor’s Million Dollar Las Vegas Mansion

This Notorious MMA fighter has decided that instead of owning a property, he would rather rent. So, this Million Dollar Mansion in Las Vegas is actually costing him One Million Dollars a year to rent. To him, he is happy with his decision as it is almost like living in a luxurious vacation home year-round. The house has a 50-foot infinity pool and a 10-person spa overlooking gorgeous scenic views of Las Vegas City. He stays in shape with the fully-equipped gym and a fighter cage. He can also sit back and entertain friends or enjoy a quiet flick in the inside cinema.

Vanessa Hudgens And Her Los Angeles Mansion

This American actress, singer, and producer made a great deal of her fortune while she was still a teenager. She played Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical film series. That’s not all she did as a teen. She also purchased this huge and gorgeous Los Angeles home. It is thought to be worth $2.7 Million, which is not too shabby for a young female to be able to plop down on a mansion before she even turned 20. The home has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool, a spa, waterfalls, a cabana, and an area to entertain with an outside barbecue.

Chloë Grace Moretz And Her Multi-Million Home In L.A.

Another top celebrity who purchased a huge mansion before she was even old enough to legally drink alcohol in California. The home is 5,600 square feet of space in Studio City and is thought to be worth $3.4 Million. Of course, since the time she purchased it, she has become a fully legal adult. It features six bathrooms, five bedrooms, dual walk-in closets, and a luxurious master bath with a Jacuzzi tub. Out back is an amazing pool with a beautiful waterfall and a relaxing spa. All of the outdoor amenities are surrounded by a patio large enough to host plenty of parties.

Julianne Hough’s Hollywood Hills $2 Million Home

Though, it may have the price tag and space of a luxurious mansion, this girl found it important to maintain a bit of a rustic look to keep her grounded and connect with her roots. The home offers plenty of room for this Dancing With The Stars professional to move around in. It is 2,101 square feet of floor space with three and one-half bathrooms along with four bedrooms that she and husband Brooks never got a chance to fill up with babies before they recently separated. Maybe the dogs will take over and make two of the spacious rooms their own.

Dolly Parton’s Million Dollar Nashville Home

She grew up in poverty but will never have to live in want again. Dolly Parton made it big in a huge way with her country music. With her fortune, she continues to give back to those in need. She also has acquired a few expensive houses along the way. This $1.2 Million home in Nashville is one such home. She lived in the home for several years, and it sold in 2017. The house was built in 1941 and was renovated after it sold. The couple who bought the house found a signed poster of Dolly under the stairs. They had it framed, and the poster is now worth more than the house, at an estimated $500 Million value.

Cher And Her Multi-Million Malibu Mansion

Malibu may have become well known after a Barbie doll was named for the city. Cher may not be a Malibu Barbie doll, but she has found the area to be her dream locale. She bought an Italian Renaissance-style mansion that measured 16,000 square feet. It features several elaborate and costly touches, like its hand-polished marbles, copper ceilings, Mexican fireplaces, Moroccan rugs, and Gothic chandeliers. She had an infinity pool installed that appears to be cascading into the ocean. The mega star is estimated to be worth $305 Million, so the price tag on the house is just a drop in the bucket for her.

Sean Connery’s Bahamas Resort

Bond, James Bond! At least that’s the name that made him famous. He was the original and much loved iconic actor to grace the big screen filled with spy movies. In real life, he built a legacy and acquired some nice real estate worth millions of dollars. His retirement home in the Bahamas was an expanse of respite. It featured a huge pool, expansive bedroom, and a breathtaking scenic view. Sean Connery will be missed for the roles he made famous and turned into household names. His Bahama property was completely private and gated and has survived through at least one intense hurricane.

Heidi Klum’s $24 Million Home

It there were ever a piece of real estate designed to beautifully match the looks of its owner, it is this one. This stunningly gorgeous supermodel owns a multi-million dollar villa located in Los Angeles. The home measures an expansive 12,300 square foot of space to move around. She could even install her own designer runway if she wanted to. The property sits on 8.5 acres and includes 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a spa. It also has a children’s playhouse, numerous fountains and sweet gazebos. Don’t forget the amazingly refreshing pool. There are hiking trails to enjoy and even a golf course.

Naomi Campbell’s $390 Million Turkey Vacation Villa

Why settle for a house when you can get an entire vacation villa worth $390 million. This is what this beautiful supermodel received as a birthday gift for her 41st birthday from her billionaire boyfriend. Sure beats the mid-life crisis that most women experience after the age of 40. The complex offers 25 rooms. It is the sole house that occupies this island property location. And, it is designed in the shape of the Eye of Horus. If she doesn’t want to live there, it’s a sure-fire spot where she can kick back and get away from it all or turn into an entire vacation resort.

Cameron Diaz And Her Manhattan Home

When you own property in the heart of New York City’s Manhattan, it is most likely in the form of a luxury apartment rather than a mansion. Cameron Diaz showed off her elaborate city apartment on the pages of Elle Decor. She showed off the 1,400 square-feet that is the size of some houses. It features two bedroom pads. Cameron put it up for sale for a whopping $4.25 Million price tag. But, don’t worry about her going homeless. This is not the only home she owns. She also purchased a $24 Million home in Miami Beach with A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez.

Jessica Biel’s $20.2 Million New York Home

Perhaps better known as Justin Timberlake’s wife, Jessica Biel has a huge net worth of her own. She is an actress, model, producer, and singer. The two combined are estimated to be worth about $250 Million. Plopping down more than $20 Million on a New York City penthouse is almost like deciding what dress to wear. This gorgeous penthouse is larger than most people’s houses, at 5,400 square foot of space. It offers four bedrooms, six bathrooms, and even an indoor swimming pool and Turkish bath. No worries of getting caught off guard on camera, either. The rooftop is completely paparazzi proof private.

Nicole Kidman’s $4.8 Million Australia Dream Home

Most famously known for her marriage to Tom Cruise, this beautiful Australian star is now married to another well-known star, Keith Urban. By herself, she is worth $300 Million, so it’s no surprise that she has purchased several homes with a high price tag on them over the years. In addition to this Australian luxurious farmhouse, she has also owned a $6.5 Million Southern Highlands mansion, a $4.7 Million Beverly Hills mansion, and a $16 Million New York apartment. She signed a contract on the farmhouse just a few months before going into labor with her first biological child, Sunday Rose.

Julia Roberts And Her New York Home

The famous actress with the great big smile, Julia Roberts, sold her New York apartment for a huge $5.35 Million price tag. The profit she made off of it was a lot more than her original asking price. The New York apartment has an amazing terrace that overlooked the city. Inside was a sweet fireplace for cozy moments just kicking back to relax. If you’re going to live and work in the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, you need a place to relax. The apartment overlooked the picturesque Greenwich Village. It touted 2,000 square feet of living space and plenty of outdoor spots to relax or entertain.

Jessica Alba’s Beverly Hills $9.95 Million Mansion

This talented actress has another hidden skill. She has an eye for real estate investments. She loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly Hills one day to a mansion worth $9.95 Million. The expansive house is 8,829 square foot of luxury. It has seven bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms. There is a lot of spacious room to spread out and entertain or relax. Every room in the mansion has plenty of windows, so everyone gets an amazing view. The entire home was renovated and decorated largely with ideas that were uniquely inspired by her personal Pinterest feed.

Jaden Smith’s Hidden Hills Home

Parents Will and Jada Smith made a name for themselves. They also gave the world two beautiful children. One of them is Jaden Smith, their son, who moved into the family’s Hidden Hills home. The home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. It is located very close to the house where his girlfriend lived at the time, but the two have since split. He lives in the house under his own name, but mom and dad seemed to chip in about $4 Million to help their son out when they purchased the home years ago. Not a bad gig to have parents that generous.

Kim And Kanye West’s $11 Million Bel Air Mansion

Will Smith may be known as the Prince of Bel Air, but Kim and Kanye are vying for the title. Any member of the Kardashian family has no secrets that haven’t been shown to the viewing audience of their reality television show. So, fans already know that Kim and Kanye West purchased an $11 Million Bel Air estate. They bought the gorgeous real estate for $11 Million and flipped it for a profit of twice the price they paid for it. No one knows for sure if they wanted to try their hand at the house flipping market or if they were just too uneasy living there after the property was broken into.

Lorde’s Auckland, New Zealand Home

Most Americans think of the rich and famous as living in New York or California. But, this New Zealand singer had a different idea. New Zealand is a breathtaking place to live. A large city located in the most populous urban area in New Zealand, it offers amazing views of the water. This is the spot that Lorde chose to live. Her home is located in one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the area. She paid a whopping $2.8 Million for the four bedroom luxury home. In fact, her album, Melodrama, was inspired largely by her midcentury home located near her parents’ home.

Harry Styles $8.5 Million Hollywood Hills Home

Only One Direction for this guy, and all arrows point to Hollywood Hills, California. This ever popular English singer, songwriter, and actor found the perfect spot to call home. Like many celebrities, he has chosen to make his home in Hollywood Hills. He put down a whopping $6.87 Million to purchase this five-bedroom spot. About a year and a half later, however, he put the home on the market asking $8.5 Million. The home featured a state-of-the-art security system for the high profile star, a screening room, a pool, hot tub, spa, and a gym. It also offered a breathtaking view overlooking the city.

Tina Turner’s Switzerland Mansion

This iconic singer will never have to ask, “What’s love got to do with it?” But, she may just keep on rolling down the river with real estate choices like this mansion located in Switzerland. She loves to spend time with her family and travel around the world. Mansions like this one help her do both. She loved the area and the home so much that she actually walked away from her American citizenship in exchange for a Switzerland native. Her home is located on Lake Zurich. She doesn’t own it, though. She pays rent of $25,000 each month for this 5,500 square foot house. She enjoys gorgeous views that overlook the Swiss lakes and mountains. And, she is her own interior decorator.

Drew Barrymore’s $7.5 Million California Home

From the moment she shared her adorable, little girl scream on the movie ET, the world fell in love with this lovable movie star. She purchased a California home and listed it starting at $7.5 Million that includes plenty of sweet memories as well as a nice floor plan. It is a two-story house that features a huge garden. In the garden, you will find a variety of avocado and citrus trees ripe for the picking. She used the property as a natural aisle that she walked down to say, “I do!” at one of her weddings. Since she is a high profile star, she made sure the place has a top-notch security system.

Robin Williams And His $22.9 Million Napa Valley Mansion

The name Robin Williams evokes a wide expanse of emotions from jelly-shaking laughter to gut-wrenching sadness of news of his untimely death. Before he passed away, he had become extremely famous as Mork From Ork on Mork & Mindy, and in big-time movie roles of Good Morning, Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, or the voice of the Genie on Disney’s Aladdin. He not only left behind a comedic legacy, but he also had acquired some hefty real estate. This mansion offered a 20,000 square feet of living space in Napa Valley. Next door, he enjoyed a vineyard that was solar powered.

Christie Brinkley’s $30 Million Long Island Home

This Uptown Girl was once married to songwriter and musician performer, Billy Joel. She also has made a name for herself without any help from a musical icon. She is also a well-known super model. Through it all, she has acquired quite the wealth that allowed her the luxury of this $30 Million Long Island home which she put on the market in 2016. The house sits on a 20-acre estate in Bridgehampton called Tower Hill. is so large that the observation deck alone is 50-foot of space. It offers nine bathrooms and eleven bedrooms, so she also has plenty of space to have guests over or for entertaining.

Doris Day’s Carmel-by-the-Sea, California Home

This well-loved iconic actress probably sang, “Que Sera Sera” all the way to the bank. She chose to live in her California home since the 1970s. She lived a long, rewarding life, to the age of 97, and a large amount of time of that life was spent in this house. Her Carmel-by-the-Sea home was said to be worth $14.5 Million. The contents were considered to be of collector and antique value and were sold at auction after her death to benefit her persona charity, The Doris Day Animal Foundation. Some of the high-dollar items included her 1930 Model A Ford convertible, a Cartier 18k gold brooch with 27 diamonds, her monogrammed director’s chair, and several of her favorite hats.