The Largest House Of The US Remains Unsold


Los Angeles is home to many famous things. One of them includes The One Bel Air. This house is considered the largest home in the United States. Former film producer Nile Niami has developed the property.

Nile had the idea to build the largest house in the US about eight years ago. However, he accomplished the task but at a high cost. Here are the things you need to know about this mega-mansion.

When Did The One Bel Air Hit The Market?

In January 2021, the largest house in the US finally hit the market. When Niami was building this place, he planned to sell it for $500 million. After all, the property is lavish and worth the money.

It has been ten months now since the house has been put on sale. However, there is still no buyer. That is why Nile had to drop its price to $225 million. Of course, he had to take this action because of debts.

Additionally, the developer has received a court order to pay the debts. That is why the property value has been halved now. Despite that, no one is willing to buy this grand mansion.

What Does The One Bel Air Include?

The One Bel Air is the country’s largest property, and for a good reason. It can house up to thousands of people. Not only that, but the estate is about 105,000 square feet. Here are the things that this property includes:

  1. 21 Bedrooms

In a video, the project’s developer revealed the interior of the property. The house includes twenty-one bedrooms. All of them are highly spacious and have a modern appearance.

2. 42 Bathrooms

The house has 42 bathrooms located in different parts of the property. Of course, 21 of them are included with the bedrooms. Meanwhile, others are dispersed around other areas.

3. Spacious Wine Cellar

The property has a wine cellar in the dining room. As per reports, it can store about 10,000 bottles.

4. Movie Theater

Of course, the largest house in the US would be incomplete if it didn’t include a theater. According to reports, the cinema is suitable for a crowd of fifty people.

5. Glass Sculpture

Besides the interior of the house, the exterior is also lavish. In the house’s yard, you can expect to see a glass sculpture. An Italian artist, Simone Cenedese, made it.

6. Beauty Salon

The property has a professionally built spa. It includes recliner chairs, massage rooms, and much more. So the owners will never have to go out to parlors for beauty treatments.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the largest mansion in the US. It has many other features as well. For example, the house has its own bowling alley. Not only that but there is a bar to entertain guests.

Nile Niami expected to make a profit out of the property. However, the house is not attracting any buyers. If the situation continues, the value will drop even lower than $225 million.