Technoking Of Tesla: Elon Musk And His Self-Proclamation


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know who Elon Musk is and his tendency to be annoying at times. He keeps making headlines either because of his controversial tweets or because of his antics in Tesla. One thing he has always tried to do is make Tesla sound like a relaxing and great place to work. 

Perhaps that was the intention when he crowned himself the Technoking of Tesla. Here is everything you need to know about it. 

The Self-Proclaimed Technoking Of Tesla 

Elon Musk crowned himself with the official job title of Technoking of Tesla to himself. The self-proclamation was announced on 15th March. It happened during a filing with SEC. Besides that, another title for Tesla’s CFO was introduced. 

The CFO of Tesla is Zach Kirkhorn and he is given the job title “Master of Coin.” According to this change, the official titles of Zach Kirkhorn Elon Musk and are Master of Coin and Technoking of Tesla respectively. 

Elon will also maintain his position as CEO. On the other hand, Zach will maintain his position as CFO of Tesla. So, where did these names come from? Let’s find out. 

Where These Titles Were Born 

If you have been following Elon Musk, you know that he is a huge fan of Game of Thrones. That is why it is no surprise that his inspiration would come from these novels. The term “Master of Coin” comes from the literary fantasy novels that Game of Thrones is based on. 

The term “Master of Coin” is used for a treasure in those novels and that is where Elon Musk’s inspiration came from. The new title was deployed after the most recent investment of Tesla of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. However, Musk’s own title is not inspired by Game of Thrones. 

Musk’s title may just be because of Tesla’s latest plan to create a rave cave of techno music under the Gigafactory in Berlin. The factory is under construction right now and Musk plans to build a rave cave under it once it is fully done. Musk created an online poll to see if his fans liked his idea. 

Surprisingly, over half a million people voted that they would love to see this feature beneath the factory. Once Musk received such admiration and acceptance from people, he promised that it will include one of the best sound systems in the world. 

We all know the tussle Musk has always had with SEC. He does not like them or respects them as they stripped him of the title of Chairman of Tesla three years ago. We guess the new title is just a mockery of that event and now Musk wants to get back at them. 

Final Words 

Elon Musk has always come up with the most unusual ideas, but we guess that is what makes him successful. We can’t wait to see if he actually builds a rave cave under the Gigafactory. We guess we will have to wait till it is constructed to find out.