Should You Tip Restaurants For Takeout Orders?


Leaving a tip at restaurants has been a culture for many years. Some believe that it is mandatory to leave a gratuity. That is because restaurant workers get an unfair wage.

However, some people believe in not leaving tips. Of course, it is a personal choice and depends solely on you. But since the pandemic, some places are exploiting the situation.

Quite a few restaurants have made it mandatory to pay a minimum 15% tip for takeout orders. This has stirred trouble and made some customers angry. Meanwhile, many are happy about this change.

If you’re wondering what you should be doing, worry no more. Here is everything you need to know.

What Does Takeout Order Mean?

The takeout order we are talking about here is not a delivery order. In fact, it is the order you will pick up yourself from the restaurant. This is one of the reasons why people are against leaving a tip.

The Case For Leaving A Tip On Takeout Order

Many people say that tipping the worker for takeout is the sensible thing to do. That is because even preparing the package takes some service. Hence, we should offer the worker the same treatment as dine-in waiters.

Besides that, people also believe that tipping is proper because workers get an unfair wage. Thus, by giving them extra money, we can try and make up for it. Additionally, your gratuity can help someone in needy times.

The pandemic has affected the lives of waiters the most. That is because dining in was not an option initially. Even now people order delivery more. Hence, the worker’s wages have been reduced.

The Case Against Leaving A Tip On Takeout Order

Many travelers and locals argue that restaurants are exploiting them to pay tips forcibly. That is because some places tell you to place the order through their tablet. And on the device, they have made a minimum 15% tip mandatory.

Besides that, many people believe that takeout orders do not require any effort. The worker only has to receive your food and put them in a paper bag. That is why some experts say that you shouldn’t give a tip for takeout orders.

Additionally, an account executive stated in a survey that he believes tip is earned during extra service. This is not applicable on takeout orders; hence he does not leave a gratuity. Moreover, etiquette experts state that it is not customers’ duty to make up for unfair wages.

Final Words

That was the case for and against leaving tips on takeout orders. In our personal opinion, we agree with giving a gratuity. That is because it is the most right thing to do.

Besides that, leaving a tip can help someone in uncertain times. Restaurant workers are not allowed to share their troubles. But that doesn’t mean they don’t face any.

Of course, it is your personal choice to leave a tip. We hope this information has helped you decide whether or not you should give tips for takeout orders.