Real Estate Technology Firm Signs A Deal With A Billionaire Company


It has been a culture for fast-growing businesses to take a minority interest in various firms. Initially, these partnerships used to be for general reasons. But now, enterprises opt for firms with a diverse founder background.

An excellent example of such a partnership is the new deal between Nile Capital, a billion-dollar company, and Wilshire Lane Capital. Here are all the details you need to know.

What Is Minority Interest?

Minority interests are also referred to as minority stakes. It is the ownership stake of a business that is less than 50% in a firm.

Who Is Adam Demuyakor?

Adam Demuyakor is a man of color but there’s more to him than that. After getting an undergrad degree from Harvard in 2011, he started his career working on Wall Street. Then later, Adam also worked at a private equity firm called Carlyle Group.

In 2015, he started his further education at Harvard School of Business. It was at this time that he gained an interest in real estate technology. After graduating, he worked at a venture firm that specialized in the field.

After spending two years at the firm, Adam finally decided started his own venture and named it Wilshire Lane Capital.

What Is Wilshire Lane Capital?

Wilshire Lane Capital is an early-stage firm led by Adam Demuyakor. He founded this firm in 2019 to invest in real-estate technology companies. Now that the company has achieved 14 successful investments, Demuyakor wants to institutionalize his firm.

The main aim of this decision is to grab the attention of large allocators. A year ago, Adam met with some individuals who back diverse-led firms. They recommended he expand his operations further and then institutionalize.

To create an institutional-based firm, Wilshire Lane has finally taken its first step. Demuyakor has gotten a billionaire company to take a minority interest in his firm. He revealed a few days ago that Nile Capital would be buying 25% shares of his firm.

What Is Nile Capital?

Nile Capital is a billion-dollar company that was founded in 2014 by Mel Lindsey. Lindsey was an executive at a successful firm before 2014. However, after the business was sold, she decided to create her own company.

By backing early-stage firms, Nile Capital helps to scale them by using their assets. It invests in partnerships with firms of diverse backgrounds. The female-led company has signed a lot of deals over the years.

Why Is Nile Capital Interested In Wilshire Lane?

In an interview, Mel revealed that investing in real estate technology capital is a beneficial opportunity. According to her, the industry is going under a dramatic shift. And with the right technology, there is a lot of potential for success.

Lindsey also thinks that Wilshire Lane is an excellent firm to invest in. That is why Niles Capital will be offering it the boost it needs.

Final Words

Amidst the pandemic, this deal is a milestone. It cannot be said whether people will come back to the office. No matter the case, technology undoubtedly has a significant role in the future of real-estate businesses.