Kamala Harris: Are Her Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Over?


Six months into an administration and Kamala Harris has already become unpopular. Her poll numbers are at an all-time low, and thousands of Americans don’t approve of her performance during the administration. Polls show her as being “underwater,” which is not a good sign for anyone who has been a part of the administration for such a short time.

Here is everything you need to know about her declining unpopularity.

Why Is Kamala Harris’s Popularity On A Decline?

Kamala Harris is the first South Asian American and Black female to serve as the second in command of the United States. Because of this, she was incredibly popular as her term started, but now that popularity is rapidly declining. Here are the top two reasons why that is the case:

1. Allegations Of Toxic Workplace Environment

Six months into the administration, Kamala Harris is already under fire to create a toxic environment for everyone. According to many interviews from the administrative team, Harris has created an environment where ideas are not heard, and harsh dismissals are made. Besides that, Harris has also been under fire for not taking responsibility for sensitive issues and blames the staff for the consequences.

All the details of who said these allegations had been held anonymous because of the issue’s sensitivity. According to them, the environment is abusive, harsh, and people are mistreated. While chief administration officials are also held responsible for this, Harris is also to blame for such a workplace culture.

2. Mishandling Of The Border Crisis

Hundred days into the administration, Kamala Harris visited El Paso, which is an epicenter of the border crisis that took place eight hundred miles away in the Rio Grande Valley. Harris did not answer anyone or offer solutions during her press conference.

Even this crisis did not sit well with the administration as everyone was blindsided by her visit to Mexico. It was one of the most chaotic moments for the administration office. It declined the trust of her staff and led to low morale with a lot of miscommunication.

Of course, the fallout from the trip was another problem created by Kamala Harris. Many felt that she swept the issue under the rug and did not handle the border crisis well. That declined her popularity even further, and now the polls are stacked against her.

Final Words

While there are many other reasons, these are the top two that have led to the fast decline of the popularity of Kamala Harris. No other second in command has had their fifteen minutes of fame over so fast. We wonder how long Harris will be able to keep this up as it has been six months, and the polls are already against her.

We hope she will learn from these mistakes and become a better right in command as the administration of Joe Biden has just begun. There are many more years to go before we see the result of their actions.