How To Use Telemedicine With Travel Insurance?


The telemedicine industry’s contribution to the economy increased when the pandemic began. People with various non-life-threatening medical conditions use this healthcare service to get care without leaving home.

Interestingly, telemedicine has also entered the insurance world. If you want to know how this service is affecting travel insurance companies, you’re in the correct place. Below we’ve detailed everything about it.

Why Is Telemedicine Becoming A Part Of Travel Insurance Companies?

This form of healthcare is helpful for offering advice to a traveler in a non-emergency condition. For instance, you can access the counsel if you have developed a cold in another country. Telemedicine will allow you to seek care without visiting a doctor.

So healthcare coverage allows policyholders to save on hospital bills. You can easily get care without breaking your bank. This coverage is also an incentive for those who don’t believe in standard insurance. Telemedicine is helping companies gain more customers and reach their annual goals.

Examples Of Companies Offering Telemedicine Services

Here are some travel insurance companies that are offering telemedicine services to their customers:

  1. Allianz Travel Insurance

This is one of the top insurance companies in the US that covers telemedicine visits. The travel assistance team of this company will assess your condition and connect you with the right healthcare provider. You can also choose a telemedicine visit, and the company will reimburse the cost by placing it under emergency coverage.

  • Seven Corners Travel Medical

This insurance company offers an indirect telemedicine service to help you access medical care on your trip. It will cover customary and reasonable charges for various services, including telemedicine visits. So you can consult a physician or nurse practitioner without any worry.

Tips To Use Telemedicine With Travel Insurance

Here are some tips that will help you maximize telemedicine benefits when using it with travel insurance:

  1. Read The Policy Thoroughly

Understanding your travel insurance policy is essential to use it properly with telemedicine. You must know the limitations of the coverage to avoid getting a surprise later. For instance, you may use a telemedicine visit but discover later that your insurance will not cover it.

  • Use Telemedicine Appropriately

Knowing when to access this healthcare service is also necessary to avoid wasting the visit and unnecessary charges. If you know your condition requires an ER visit, avoid using telemedicine. The practitioner will only send you to the hospital, and the worst part is you will still be charged for the telemedicine consultation.

  • Prepare Well

A telemedicine visit requires you to have a strong Wi-Fi connection. You must also sit in a quiet place for effective communication. Besides that, you should also write down questions. These things will help you get the most out of the visit. If the connection is interrupted, you may have to schedule an appointment on another day.

Closing Thoughts

This is all you need to know about using telemedicine with travel insurance. You should choose a company that offers this service directly or indirectly. Besides that, you must also prepare for the appointment and only use the service when necessary.