How to Solve the Problem of Missing Fruit Payments


You probably don’t realize it, but the fruit that you eat every day has a common problem that doesn’t seem to be getting solved anytime soon. The problem is that there are problems with farmers, suppliers, and retailers being paid in the chain from the farmer to your dinner table. It’s not uncommon for someone along the chain to not get paid for the fruit that you eat. The question becomes, how can anyone expect to stay in business if they are not receiving the funds for their product? This article hopes to address that in a way that enables both companies and consumers to enjoy the products they already do while being compensated for their hard work.

The first step is to understand there is a problem

Along the chain between the farmer and the retailer there are many possibilities for individuals and companies not to receive compensation for their products. No one needs to tell someone that they aren’t being paid if there is no money coming into their bank account. The problem is, there is a high level of money that is not reaching its targeted destination. Why are these people not being paid? It may surprise many people reading this to learn that the reason why some are not getting paid isn’t that they are a victim of theft. The problem is that the supply chain is broken on many levels, and there needs to be something done to address it. Without addressing the supply chain issues, people will continue not to be paid.

Digitizing the payment process is the only way to go

The world of business has not entirely got on track with the digital world. There is still an immense amount of business that’s being done with cash. Yes, we were talking about paper money that has no trail. The problem with a business using paper money is that they can’t follow the trail. Why would anyone use paper instead of transferring money digitally over the Internet through a bank? Some people don’t trust banks, and also in Third World countries, it might be harder to divide the money if it is not in cash form.

The answer to this solution is to have a universal system that is digital and accepted

There will continue to be people not being paid as long as there is no universally accepted system. Understandably, people in some regions may be leery of using any form of monetary transaction on the Internet. Somehow, for the sake of the supply chain, people must accept this new reality. If they are unwilling to accept the new form of digital payments, disruptions in the supply chain will continue to happen. The only way that they will not continue is if everyone is on board and accepts payments through digital banking. A system must be put in place where everyone can feel safe and secure while knowing that your money isn’t going to go anywhere. If there is a high level of trust throughout the entire supply chain, there is far less likely they are to be anyone who doesn’t receive the compensation they deserve.