History Rewritten: The US Election 2020


In the last few months, the world kept its eyes on the USA. While the US has been in the headlines due to the coronavirus pandemic, media houses had their eyes on the country for another reason. It was time for the Presidential election that takes place every four years and the US conducted them without letting the pandemic get in the way. 

On November 3, 2020, the democratic nation of the USA put in its votes to exercise their right to elect the county premier for the next four years.  This election was unlike any before it. The Coronavirus pandemic necessitated several changes in the way the elections usually get conducted. To minimize social contact and to keep the spread of COVID-19 from escalating, the 2020 elections used the dual method of mail-in-ballot and walk-in vote.

Although the process was time-consuming and required the vote counting to be spread over days, the new means of voting saw a phenomenal increase in the number of voters casting their choice.

On November 7, 2020, America finally got the name of its new President-elect. It was announced after the count of the majority vote was called to a close. Former Vice President Joe Biden now prepares to lead the country after defeating President Donald Trump in a nail-biting race.

This election has been historic for several reasons. The most obvious is the setting of the pandemic which changed the very process of voting and counting.

The counted vote this year amounted to 67% of the 239,247,182 eligible voters in the country. This is the United States’ highest electoral turnout since 1908, according to data collated from the U.S. Elections Project. For years, the US has seen an abysmally low turnout of voters especially in comparison to developing democracies. This year saw that trend change.

Biden’s win also comes at a popular vote count of 150,000,000 out of the 239,247,182 eligible voters. This is another record-breaking election number in the history of the US. With this,  Biden is said to break Barack Obama’s record for most votes cast for a U.S. presidential candidate.

Besides, when Biden steps in as the 46th President of the United State, Sen. Kamala Harris will take office as the first female Vice President and woman of color in the White House.

While Biden has chosen to address the nation with his gratitude for their exercise of duty, Trump has taken to tweeting that the election is far from over. The White House has resisted putting out official statements acknowledging Biden’s win.

Regardless of what the outcome may be in the days to follow, history has already been made by the people of America who chose to exercise their citizenship duties despite the pandemic.

America has shown the world despite the surge of COVID-19 numbers that it is possible to conduct elections during pandemics. The citizens have likewise shown that it is possible to fulfill one’s duties towards one’s country without stress or exposure to harm.