Here Are Some Top Remote Career Fields For College Graduates


If you wish to find a new career path for yourself today, you have numerous options to think about and consider. If you are someone who wants to find remote work that allows you to reside where you are, some interesting new career fields are opening up all the time.

As a college graduate, then, what are some of the best career paths that you should investigate? Who could help you to land a worthwhile, rewarding job that is going to give you an opportunity and a salary worth working for?

Customer Services

One of the easiest ways to find work as a post-graduate student is in customer service. Many companies today are looking for staff who can handle everything from e-mail support to customer queries on the phone by using their platform. This is a useful way to make a living, to bring in some extra cash, and typically to be able to work pretty flexible hours and times so you are always in control of what, and when, you work.

Language Services

Some companies today need people who can come in and provide second language services to their non-English speaking customers. If you are fluent in another language, you could spend time either translating for customers or by giving them a response in a language that they can understand.

This is a rewarding job that anyone with a history or experience in the languages sector could easily enjoy taking part in. A simple, enjoyable job that helps you expand your horizons.

Administrative Work

Many companies need people who can crunch the numbers, fill in documents, and write-up letters and emails to be sent. If you are someone who enjoys or is good at this kind of menial administrative work then you should definitely look to get involved.

Many companies will hire you remotely so that you can just work from your own base of operations. So long as you have the software and a secure internet connection, you’ll be considered.

Data Entry

Similar to the above, many firms need someone who does not mind putting in figures and data. The work is monotonous, yes, but it is detail-oriented as even one mistake can throw the whole file into a bad place. If you like a job that demands your focus and concentration, you should have no problem at all in enjoying taking on a career as a specialist in data entry. It’s a fun, rewarding career path for most.


If you are good at managing sales, or handling sales, you could work as a remote sales member. Companies can use you for marketing, for closing deals, for cold calling, or for simply working as a sales rep to try and upsell extra products to people.

Really, the biggest thing you should be looking for when it comes to managing and controlling sales is the kind of language you use. If you are good with words, you can work in sales!