Have Covid-19 Boosters Become A Necessity In the US?


Since the start of the pandemic, many researchers are working round the clock to eradicate the virus. However, it will take years to find a cure. Until then, many vaccines have been developed to limit the spread. One of the widespread suppliers of Covid-19 vaccines is Pfizer.

Many people in different countries have been given doses of the vaccine. However, recently Pfizer has requested approval for giving boosters to the citizens of the US. Here is everything you need to know about the situation.

Why Has Pfizer Made A Request For Boosters?

Last year in early December, many citizens of the UK and Israel had been vaccinated. Since then, the vaccine has had a significant impact on reducing cases and spreading the virus. Subsequently, Pfizer vaccines are now being used in the US as well.

However, a week ago, there has been a reduction in vaccine effectiveness in Israel. The Health Ministry has reported a fall in efficacy from 94% to 64%. The decrease is mainly due to the Delta Variant, which is more aggressive than the original strain.

It is to note that effectiveness has reduced particularly amongst old citizens of age 70 and above. This is the reason why Pfizer has requested boosters. That is because nursing facilities residents in the US were also vaccinated around the same time as Israeli citizens.

Evidence Of Vaccine Efficacy Decline

Several days ago, a study was published by the Health Ministry of Israel. It has been reported that vaccine effectiveness declines after six months. There is also a significant correlation between people who were vaccinated early and recently.

However, experts have also stated that the data is insufficient to support any claims.

Response To The Request

Although Pfizer has sought out permission for vaccines, the Biden administration is reluctant. A medical advisor from the President’s team has stated that the evidence for the request is inadequate. However, for the safety of people, the government has requested FDA and CDC for guidance.

Recently, both organizations released a joint statement. They said that citizens who are completely vaccinated do not require boosters. Besides that, further research is being carried out to deduce if or when boosters might be needed.

For now, the government is mainly concerned about vaccinating as many people as they can. That is because, till yet, only 48% of the US population have gotten total doses. Some even believe that this is the reason why boosters are not being approved.

It is suggested that the administration does not want people to be further discouraged.

Final Verdict

Keeping in mind all the evidence out there, for now, boosters are not a necessity. However, Pfizer will still be meeting with US officials to discuss a plan of action. Studies still support that vaccines continue to be effective.

Hence, we urge you to get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Not only will it keep you safe but also help in keeping others safe. We can only push back against the pandemic if we are united and complying with safety measures.