Good News For Shoppers: Amazon Early Black Friday Deals Are Here


Currently, it is October, yet many people are feeling the spirit of holidays already. That is because Amazon decided to surprise its users. The platform has revealed their Black Friday deals earlier than the typical time.

Amazon announced on 4th October that customers can now avail sales on various products and brands. These discounts will be available till 25th October. Here is everything you need to know about the early Black Friday deals.

Why Did Amazon Release The Deals Early?

Since the start of the year, many retailers have gone off track from their regular timeline. Currently, other places like Target and much more are also providing early deals to customers. They aim to make the most profit out of holiday shopping.

Thus, it is speculated that Amazon unveiled their deals early because of competition. Additionally, they aim to get more early shoppers by giving them the incentive of discounts.

Amazon Reveals New Shopping Feature

Besides the Black Friday deals, the platform unveiled other changes for consumers as well. For example, now you can send a gift to someone without knowing their address. Firstly, you can choose the present you want to send.

Once you have selected the gift, you will have to add the number or email of the recipient. They will get a message about the present without knowing the sender. If they accept the product and provide details, they can receive the item.

Additionally, the recipient will also get a choice of exchange. They can get a gift card instead. Of course, it will be worth the same value as the gift you chose.

Which Brands Are Offering Black Friday Discounts?

There are many retailers on the platform who are offering sales on their products. However, Amazon has revealed that various brands will offer discounts on particular days of this and the next month. They include:

  • Apple
  • KitchenAid
  • Hasbro
  • Sony
  • Shark
  • Bose
  • And much more

Of course, the deals these brands will offer will be available for a limited time only. Additionally, till 25th October, many daily discounts are available on Amazon.

What Else Has Amazon Revealed?

The CEO of Amazon revealed details about the holiday gifts as well. Many gift guides have been unveiled. Not only that, but Holiday Toy Lists have been released too.

Besides that, the platform has set up a Holiday Prep Shop for early guests. It includes various items such as fall décor, treats, and much more. Other than that, the beauty section has the most deals.

Currently, many shops are providing 50% off on beauty products. That is why you should rush to Amazon now.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the early Black Friday deals by Amazon. The platform has revealed detailed guides about products that are on sale. So rush to the website or app now before your desired item gets sold out.

The daily deals will be available till 25th October. Meanwhile, on select days in November, further discounts will be unveiled.