Food Crisis In Ukraine: A Reminder Of The Global Threat


The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused the loss of many lives and the destruction of infrastructure. However, the war is also leading to a food crisis in the country. The worst part is that this crisis is a global threat that no country can escape.

About 1.6 billion people in 94 countries are exposed to the food crisis to some extent. In some places, food security is relatively low, especially in underdeveloped regions. This is why it is essential for the people to act now as per UN Secretary-General.

How Is The Food Crisis Affecting The Public?

The pandemic has brought about many challenges in society. One of them includes food shortages. This is because many people lost their breadwinners due to the virus. Many families are also suffering due to the loss of jobs.

Besides that, the war in Ukraine is threatening the lives of many people in the country and around the world. The social status and economic conditions of the place are in chaos. Hunger and destitution are also on the rise because of constant bloodshed.

How Many Food-Insecure People Are Present Worldwide?

Before the pandemic, the number of food-insecure people across the globe was 135 million. However, this has increased by two times in the last two years. Currently, it is estimated there are about 276 million food-insecure people around the planet.

The worst part is that the war in Ukraine is also contributing to the rise. So the number may rise to about 323 million by the end of 2022. That is why it is necessary for countries to unite to fight food security issues.

How Will The Food Crisis Affect A Country?

If the crisis is not brought under control, it will have devastating effects on various countries. Political instability may arise in your nation due to rising prices. A prime example of this is that the fuel and food prices are at a peak in many countries.

More than 60% of workers are also surviving on low incomes. This means that more families will have to choose between paying bills, educating children, or skipping meals. The crisis also holds the potential to turn into a major catastrophe by 2023.

Energy costs also increased across the Black Sea region, and many places are suffering due to trade restrictions. The situation will only worsen if the war in Ukraine continues. Grain and fertilizer costs are also expected to rise to an all-time high next season.

Final Words

This is everything you need to know about the food crisis that will affect major countries if the war in Ukraine continues. Many nations are already suffering due to trade restrictions and high fuel prices. Some countries are also experiencing unstable currency.

So it is essential for nations to unite and save livelihoods actively. As per the UN, if the public does not act now, the crisis will turn into a catastrophe. It will also be difficult to control the devastating effects later.