Elon Musk Struggles To Understand Twitter, Some Say


Elon Musk purchasing Twitter has been the talk of social media for a while now. However, handling a global communication and social media platform is not an easy task. While Musk is new to this job, we don’t think he understands it, considering what he has to say about it.

Here is everything you need to know about how well he is handling this new job.

Policy Pronouncement By Elon Musk

As Musk bought Twitter, he did not waste much time tweeting a policy pronouncement about Twitter. According to Musk, the extreme antibody reaction from people who fear free speech says it all. We don’t know if he was annoyed or amused at people who think he is not worthy of running Twitter.

After an hour of this declaration, Musk also reiterated that by free speech, he means speech that matches the law. He goes on to say that if people want less free speech, then they will ask the government to make laws to make it happen. According to Musk, going beyond the law is contrary to everyone’s will.

A Glimpse Into Musk’s Declaration

We don’t know how Elon Musk arrived at the declaration stated above. It seems as if he does not understand how the law or free speech works. According to this declaration, it sounds like he is having a dorm-room discussion about free speech on the platform.

Mar Zuckerberg also makes the mistake of not reading or thinking deeply about subjects he intends to speak on, and so does Elon Musk. We just feel bad for the lawyers of Twitter at this point. The lawyers will not have to keep an eye out for the malapropisms by Musk that could get him in trouble with the law, as his behavior would now have a direct effect on Twitter’s value.

Learning Law Basics

We believe that the lawyers of Twitter will have to teach Musk about the basics of all the law worldwide. Of course, he will not like what he learns. For example, Europe just announced a new law that will require Twitter and other such platforms to perform due diligence and make changes to restrict all harmful expressions.

On the other hand, India is the largest potential Twitter market as it is the biggest democracy. It aggressively censors everyone that criticizes the government and any extremist Hindu movements. We would love to see how all of this plays out for Musk, as he thinks Twitter is his new toy.

Final Words

While Musk is trying to champion free speech on Twitter, we believe that he does not understand the way certain laws work for the platform. Twitter is not a town square where everyone can come say what they want without worrying about the consequences. We are not living in a utopia, and Musk seems to miss that point.

We just hope he learns his lesson and does what is best for the platform and its users. Twitter is one of the top platforms, and we hope Musk maintains its integrity.