COVID19 Home Office – Will people Be Allowed To Work From Home Forever?


Mark Zuckerberg has announced a significant shift in corporate policy as Facebook moves to allow workers to work from home. It shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise since more companies are allowing their workers to work from home remotely. However, it’s noticeable when a behemoth like Facebook decides to make the massive move. Why is it such an essential first step? It’s because many more companies will follow suit, and that’s good news for workers who hate their daily commute or wish to live in a cheaper area but can’t due to having to travel back and forth to work.

The interviewing process is about to change as well

Facebook is going all-in when it comes to doing everything remotely. Interviews from now on will be done remotely, and that’s going to change the dynamic in a huge way for Facebook. Now, anyone can work for Facebook no matter where they live. Before, a person had to pick up their lives and move to Silicon Valley. Now people will be allowed to stay put, which means Facebook has an even bigger talent pool. The best and brightest no longer have to give up their dreams due to not wanting to move to California. Zuckerberg has made what might be one of the most significant decisions ever when it comes to getting talent for his company.

Will people be allowed to work from home forever?

Well, that decision hasn’t been made yet. Zuckerberg has mentioned that this is going to become the new normal until at least 2021. Working remotely may be the only option since many other companies are going to offer it. Why would you want to move to an expensive city when you can work from home and live in a more affordable place? As long as other companies are offering the option to work from home, Facebook will probably have to do the same. It wouldn’t make sense for the company to hinder itself and risk talent jumping ship because they wanted better working conditions. The cost of living is super high in Silicon Valley, and even with the inflated salaries Facebook pays, it still makes living there next to impossible.

Anything better for employees is better for the company in the long run

Productivity is vital, and it doesn’t matter where the workers are located. The final product is what’s critical, and if workers can produce better at home, then the smart choice is to allow them to work there. Zuckerberg will undoubtedly keep a close eye on Facebook’s operations and the other companies that he owns. If things appear to get out of hand, then it’s almost a sure thing that he’ll pull the reigns and make people come back to their office. A high number of people were already working from home before the pandemic, and it’s almost baked into the Facebook culture. Nothing short of a total collapse seems likely to have an impact and force people back to their cubicle.