Coronavirus: Firearms sales spike


Call it alarming, or consider it smart and part of your American right to protection. Whatever the reason or whatever your thoughts on the matter, the fact is that firearms sales are currently spiking in areas across the country.

Recently, New York shoppers waited as long as 2 hours to purchase their firearm. One New York outdoor gear and weapons shop saw lines sprawling even with the 2-hour wait. But, what did some of the customers patiently waiting in the long line have to say about why they were there?

Many claim that they want to make sure they are protected in light of the United State’s response to the coronavirus. These gun purchasers think that the guns may become necessary to protect themselves should more social unrest get stirred up. They want to be ready to protect their lives and their property. After all, according to these gun buyers, this is their 2nd Amendment right, to have the right to bear arms.

For some, this was their first time purchasing a firearm. For others, it will just be one more to add to their already vast collection. Still others were buying for family members or friends. Some shoppers have been thinking of owning a gun for a while. While others didn’t want to be left behind in the rush to snatch up a gun in the frenzy just in case. If they don’t already have a firearm license, they are seeking to obtain that as well.

With lockdowns for quarantine purposes in place and the economy showing scary signs of decline with plummeting stock market losses, many fear that people will try to begin robbing their neighbors through looting. Others fear that local police will become too occupied with handling quarantine violators that they will be unable to tend to burglaries or other crimes that may be spurred on as a result of all of the potential looting to occur.

This particular gun-buying crowd consisted of both first-time gun owners and those who are experienced owning a collection of guns already. Some buyers were looking for pistols, while others sought rifles instead. Still, others are looking to purchase a hunting rifle so they will be able to hunt for food should groceries become scarce. Some were willing to wait for hours because they had tried to buy a firearm online to no avail. Many were standing in line after not being able to find a gun to purchase online because they were all sold out.