Buy these restaurant stocks now


As America has watched the stock market go from soaring new heights to alarmingly fast dips because of the Coronavirus fears if you have money to invest it could not be a better time to buy that stock you’ve been eyeing or to consider a brand new long-term investment. In light of this, there are a few restaurant stocks to buy now.

While it may sound contrary to wise counsel, there are a few restaurant stocks that may turn out to be a good choice to buy now. Restaurants and bars have been especially hit hard with the announcements of gatherings to be limited to no more than 10 people followed by orders by many states to close to dine-in service. Some restaurants have had to close entirely for an indefinite amount of time laying of thousands of chefs, hostesses, and serving staff across the nation not knowing when or if they will ever open again.

With all the gloom and discouragement in the news hearing of more and more restaurants and bars that are struggling right now with the unexpected, immediate orders being put into place for them to stop dine-in offerings, if you know what to look for, you may be able to invest in long-term gains. There are, however, three such stocks that are anticipated to come back strong if you’re willing to invest a little bit in them now.

Chipotle, trading as CMG

This Tex-Mex restaurant chain is known for burritos that are fast and fresh. They have already kept a loyal customer base throughout all of the shut-downs who understand how easy it is to order online for delivery or pick-up services. The shutdowns have not changed that in this restaurant’s customer buying and eating habits. Once the coronavirus shutdowns have ended, this stock is expected to grow at rates of upwards of 76%.

Luckin Coffee, trading as LK

It’s possibly no surprise with “Luck” as part of its name that this stock is recommended to be patient with after you invest in it now. It may even end up with Starbucks like gains in the long run. The chain is based out of China, but don’t let that scare you. It bounced back up after the downturn in China during the early months of 2020 and has promised of taking off quickly once the markets begin to make a comeback.

Jack in the Box, trading as JACK

An old-time favorite is among the lists of promising investments currently. Perhaps a surprising suggestion, but one that has a solid franchisee model and is still open for drive-through and delivery business through Uber UBER and Grubhub GRUB in spite of the shutdowns. Not only that, but they also have many stores open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.