A $5 Billion Lawsuit: Google Tracking Users In Incognito Mode


It is no surprise that Google got hit with a privacy lawsuit once more. Usually, cases get thrown out, but not this time. A US judge recently ruled that Google has to face a lawsuit of $5 billion that alleges Google tracks its users in Incognito mode. 

Here is everything you need to know about this lawsuit and its recent developments. 

The Lawsuit 

The lawsuit was filed in June 2020 and it claimed that Google is a “pervasive data tracking business” even after offering many unique privacy features. Google tried its best to get this case thrown out, but that did not happen. The lawsuit alleges that Google collects the data of users through various plug-ins, applications, and Google Analytics despite the browsing mode of users. 

It also alleges that the information that is collected is embarrassing, intimate, and is on every individual American user with a smartphone or PC. The case was brought before US District Judge Lucy Koh. She ruled that Google has to face this lawsuit as it did not tell users that their data will be collected in Incognito mode. 

What Google Has To Say 

Of course, the technology giant had to get their side of the story in the public’s ears too as their reputation is at stake. According to Google, they clearly state that websites will be able to collect data during the sessions of users in Incognito mode. It says that this is clearly stated to the user every time the Incognito mode tab is opened. 

Google also announced this year that it will not create new ways to track users. They also phased out the current ad tracking technology that exists in the Chrome browser. They have stated that they will do more to protect the privacy of users as they are not in the data tracking business. 

Google spokesperson has also emphasized that they will continue to dispute the claims of the lawsuit as they clearly state Incognito mode does not mean being invisible. The activity is still visible to the Internet service provider, websites, and other such users. 

What The Future Holds For Google 

Since Judge Lucy Koh has dismissed Google’s request to shut down the lawsuit, we can only imagine how this will turn out. All we know is that Google will do everything in their power to defend themselves because they are the biggest technology giant in the world. They have constantly disputed such privacy claims and they will continue to do that in the future as well. 

We hope that through this lawsuit, Google can improve the privacy and experience of users so they can feel protected again. After all, data is sensitive and should not be leaked to third parties if users choose a private browsing mode. We will just have to wait and see the measures Google comes up with to enhance the privacy of its users. The case is ongoing and more information will be revealed once it proceeds further.