8 Personal finance influencers 2022


Personal finance influencers are the people that can motivate, empower, and stimulate billions of individuals to step into their finances.

As a part of the inaugural Social Honors awards, Bankrate emphasized some social media content creators and influencers to help raise money-talking voices in a different form. Together with these awards, we’ve selected 12 top personal finance influencers you may keep following in the new year 2022. 

Let’s have a look at all these influencers!

1.   Delyanne Barros

She is a previous employment lawyer who has become a self-proclaimed millionaire to educate investors on “how to hit the stock market.” When she was 37-year-old found out the effectiveness of long-term investing, this lady is a part of FIRE, financial independence, retired early; it is expected that she will retire at the age of 45. 

2.   Dasha Kennedy:

She is a financial activist whose mission is to assist women to be financially stable and independent. She shares her journey of financial struggles to motivate other women and bring them to track. She always gives relatable and realistic advice on the basis of her own experiences. 

3.   Humphrey Yang:

Humphrey is a well-known personal finance video creator specializing in solving complex issues such as investments and taxes in an easily understandable way. He always posts educational content on his social media accounts and properly explains financial concepts.

4.   Parii Bafna:

Parii Bafna sees herself as an information synthesizer who expects to make her audience feel entertained and educated. When COVID-19 broke out, she was a student and found to be a rat trapped on the internet. Financial education was her main point of attention. She learns and researches and shares her knowledge with her followers.

5.   Haley Sacks:

She is a self-made financial pop star who practices her financial skills in pop culture to get control of their finances. Sacks have to shred her content in a very entertaining manner. Her content will make you start money conservation with your friends.

6.   Jeremy Schneider:

Schneider laid the foundation of PersonalFinancialClub and specialized in demystifying investing. If you want to increase your investing grades, you should look at Jeremy’s amazing content. You can easily understand him and get your work started. 

7.   Berna:

Berna is a self-made, financially independent woman whose goal is to make everyone feel like they are involved in a wide-ranging money conversation. Berna does excellent work of decomposing complex topics into easy and understandable ones. She also hosts a famous podcast,” Money please”; she discusses the financial topic with experts.

8.   Jose Rafael Hernandez:

Jose previously worked as a wealth manager, is now a financial consultant; his content educates the audience about how to start investing and how to lay a solid financial basis. His experiences lead him to initiate his brand on social media and start a company that will give financial education.

Final thoughts:

All these are financial influencers of 2022; you should follow them on different social media to have the best financial education.