45+ Celebrity Divorce Settlements That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Everything costs money, and getting divorced is no different. That is why it is crucial to protect your assets beforehand so that you don’t lose everything during a divorce. Of course, that is even truer for celebrities, as they have a lot to lose, such as money and reputation.

Many celebrities have paid hefty settlements to their ex-spouses during a divorce. Besides that, these divorces have also gotten incredibly messy sometimes. So, if you want to know more about the hefty divorce settlements between different celebrity couples, then you are in the right place.

Here is a list of the top fifty celebrity couples and their divorce settlements that will make you think twice before getting married. So, let’s begin.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard – $6.8 Million

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The most recent case truly took the world by storm, becoming ‘the greatest reality show of all time’, as a comedian and former MMA fighter Brandon Shaub called it in a conversation with Joe Rogan.

It all started in 2016. Depp and Heard’s divorce was finalized, Heard got 7 million dollars, and that could have easily been the end of the story. But suddenly, in May 2016, Heard publicly accused Johnny of domestic violence, which resulted in him being publicly ostracised and losing his career almost entirely.

Yet, there were people, who didn’t believe Jonny was the abuser. And, well, they turned out to be absolutely right. In April 2020 audiotapes came out, lots of them, and they revealed that Depp was not only innocent, but he was actually the victim of domestic violence committed by Heard!

Understandably, Johnny sued Heard for defamation, and the whole hearing was televised. The world could finally hear Depp’s side of the story, hear all the tapes, and see Heard on the stand being, well, not very believable. The hearing revealed absolutely overwhelming evidence that proved that Depp was completely innocent. The jury unanimously ruled that Heard was guilty, and now she has to pay Depp 13 million dollars, which is not going to be easy, because she’s obviously going to lose her career completely.

And the world seems to be quite happy about that.

Jeff Bezos And MacKenzie Bezos – $38 Billion

All of us are familiar that Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world, and MacKenzie Bezos was his ex-wife. They went through a divorce at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2021. But, of course, marrying the richest person has its perks, as MacKenzie walked about of this divorce settlement with thirty-eight billion dollars.

Yes, you heard that right. However, the legal technicality is that the Amazon shares worth $38 billion have been transferred to her name. They were happily married for more than a quarter of a century before parting ways.

Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver – $375 Million

Spending most of your life with someone and parting ways is never easy, as things can get messy and complicated. Of course, sometimes the circumstances are such that you can’t stay in a marriage no matter how hard you try. Arnold Schwarzenegger was having an affair with his housekeeper, and Shriver found out, which is when she filed for divorce.

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, which is why Shriver got custody of her children and an estimated more than $350 million in the settlement. The exact figure has not been disclosed to the public, but it is close to $400 million.

Michael & Juanita Jordan – $168 Million

Michael and Juanita Jordan did their best to make their situation and marriage work, but nothing worked, so Juanita filed for divorce in 2022. However, the couple reconciled a month later, and she withdrew her petition from the court. Of course, the divorce settlement we are talking about was the one in 2006.

It was one of the most expensive divorce settlements in sports history. That is because Michael paid her a divorce settlement of $168 million at the time, along with the custody of their children and the Chicago Mansion of more than seven acres that the couple shared.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt – $400 Million

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has been going on for a long time, as they have still not reached a consensus. Their divorce settlement is $400 million, and they have not decided how to split it. The couple began their divorce in 2016, and they became legally single three years later.

However, the couple is still trying to figure out all the monetary and other details in court. Of course, it is too soon to tell right now, but we will find out once the couple figures out the details. According to many estimates, the figure will be close to four hundred million.

Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren – $100 Million

Nordegren is a Sweden native, and she met Tiger Woods a long time ago, in 2001. After their first meeting, the couple got close and got married three years later. In 2010, the couple got divorced, and their settlement came down to more than a hundred million dollars.

Besides that, she also received monthly child support, which came down to twenty thousand dollars. Nordegren also got the home that the couple shared in Windermere. Of course, Nordegren sold this house and moved to another property to live a peaceful life away from her past and marriage.

Prince Charles & Princess Diana- $22 Million

You would think that the royal family would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in a divorce settlement, but that was not the case at all. Their marriage saw a chaotic end in 1995. According to a royal biographer, we have found that Princess Diana received a divorce settlement of £17 million.

If you convert that money to how much it would be today, it would be more than £30 million. But, of course, this is nothing compared to the money that celebrities have to spend on the divorce settlement. Unfortunately, Princess Diana also left the world a little while later, and this didn’t matter.

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen – $40 Million

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Denise decided to end her marriage with Charlie Sheen when she was pregnant with their second child, Lola. According to many reports, Richards had accused Sheen of violent mood swings, abusing prescription medicine, and even domestic violence. Of course, all of this made Richards feel that it was time to pull the plug on her marriage.

The couple did not have a prenuptial agreement, but Richards did not take all of his net worth. Richards walked away with $40 million, and sources also say that Sheen pays Richards $80,000 to cover the cost of their daughters. However, Richards filed documents in 2019 saying that he has a lot of dues in unpaid child support.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline – $1.3 Million

Britney Spears was fed up with Kevin Federline, and by the end, she just wanted her marriage to be over. The couple finalized their divorce in 2007, and according to TMZ, Kevin received $1.3 million in his divorce settlement, along with the child support agreement.

Unfortunately, Britney also had to pay for the lawyer fees of Kevin, and he receives at least $20,000 each month in child support. Spears did all of this because she was sick of this, and she wanted the marriage to be over. Of course, money is never more important than mental health, which is why she did everything to make the divorce go quicker.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner – $47 Million

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Celebrity divorces never go smoothly, as there are always some complications that the couple must figure out. The relationship between Garner and Affleck ended with a lot of assumptions by the public. That is because there were drinking issues brought to light, rumors of cheating, and Affleck’s speech on marriage is work also did not help.

Despite these issues, their marriage lasted for more than a decade, but it finally came to an end. Their divorce settlement was $47 million, but both the parties felt free after this union ended. We just hope the couple is much happier now.

Elon Musk and Grimes – $20 Million (Estimated)

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While Elon Musk plans on going to Mars, we understand why, as his life on Earth is not that great. At least, not in marriages, as his luck has not been that great. They shared three years of marriage, and now they have parted ways as both of them don’t want to love one another.

The couple is not officially divorced, but we do know how much Grimes is estimated to receive in their divorce settlement. That is because the couple had a prenuptial agreement that stated that Grimes would receive twenty million dollars in the settlement. Of course, she wants a little more than that, considering Elon Musk and his net worth.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin – $100 Million

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The couple has been the creator of conscious uncoupling, which is they did not want to create a mess and leave each other without all the bad blood. Because of this, the couple did not fight over anything regarding their divorce and instead came to an amicable solution. Each of them got a hundred million dollars in the settlement as their fortune was split in half.

That is how everyone should try to reach their divorce settlements. In the end, it is not about the money but the peace of mind to be out of something that was not supporting your growth. Money makes everything messy and complicated more than it needs to be.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise – $9.8 Million

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The divorce of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise was in the public eye a lot, as both of them have been high-profile celebrities. However, it intrigued the public more because of the involvement of Tom Cruise in Scientology. According to TMZ, Holmes has been set to receive at least $400,000 from her husband annually.

This money is for the child support that Cruise will pay for Suri until she turns 18. Besides that, the couple came to a settlement of $9.8 million during their divorce. Of course, all of this is nothing compared to the amount of money that Cruise makes from his movies, especially Top Gun.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry – $20 Million

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Even Russell Brand and Katy Perry did not have a prenuptial agreement when they got married in 2010. They finally reached a divorce settlement of twenty million dollars after deciding to part ways. Brand could have asked for more, as Katy Perry earns significantly more than him, but he said that money doesn’t matter to him.

Brand says he is happy with his own money and doesn’t need hers. There are sources that also say Brand did not take anything in the divorce settlement. Of course, we have no way to confirm or deny this, as their divorce took place a while ago.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – $1.4 Billion (Estimated)

Perhaps the recent divorce that has received the most media coverage has been that of Kim and Kanye. The couple signed a prenuptial agreement before the marriage, which is why Kim’s settlement is lower than what she could have gotten from the iconic rapper. For now, Kanye has lost his home of sixty million dollars to Kim.

Besides that, they can’t seem to agree on anything for now. However, the net worth of Kim is close to $800 million, and Kanye is worth at least $1.3 billion. That is why their estimated divorce settlement is at least $1.4 billion.

Mike Tyson and Robin Givens – $10 Million

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Some marriages don’t even make it past the one-year mark, as couples can’t try to make it work no matter how hard they try. The marriage of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens lasted only a mere eight months, after which they decided to split with one another. Of course, that means that Robin did get some of the shares from his fortune.

During the divorce settlement, Tyson had to give Givens at least ten million dollars in the settlement. At that time, Tyson was worth fifty million dollars. Now he would be worth even more, but the divorce did leave him ten million dollars short of his fortune.

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates – $80 Billion (Estimated)

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It is no surprise that this couple’s divorce is one of the largest billionaire divorces in the history of divorces. The couple decided to end their marriage after almost spending three decades with one another. Of course, Melinda left the divorce with one of the heftiest settlements, and rightly so.

The couple is estimated to have a divorce settlement of eighty billion dollars. That is a lot of money that will set anyone for generations to come. However, such a hefty amount does not get paid so soon, which is why she will receive the money in different installments.

Dr. Phil McGraw & Debbie Higgins – Approx. $1 Million

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Dr. Phil McGraw & Debbie Higgins were high school sweethearts, but it did not guarantee that their marriage would be successful. Their marriage did not even last that long as the couple was only married for only three years. While Dr. Phil has a lot of money now, he did not have much of a fortune back then.

That is why the divorce settlement was only for one million dollars. Higgins also did not like being married to Dr. Phil because she thought she was a secret to him. You would think that someone who advises people on marriage would have a successful one himself, but that is not true.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie – $92 Million

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Madonna & Guy Ritchie were not married for long, as their marriage lasted a mere seven years. We all know that Madonna had an incredible fortune because of her singing career, which came down to $490 million at that time. The court ordered that Madonna give Guy Ritchie at least $92 million in the divorce settlement.

Of course, this amount also included the Ashcombe home of the couple that they shared in England. The divorce took place in 2008, and the couple has moved on since then. We just hope that they were happy with this decision to part ways.

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis – $90 Million

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Demi Moore & Bruce Willis were married for eleven years, and they have three beautiful daughters from this marriage. However, in 2000, they decided to get a divorce as Willis felt that he had failed as a husband and, more importantly, as a father. Their divorce settlement was incredibly substantial as it was worth ninety million dollars.

After that, it did not take Moore to move on to someone else, as she began dating Ashton Kutcher, who was much younger than her. We all know that also did not last too long as Kutcher is happily married to Mila Kunis.

Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving – $100 Million

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Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving were only married for three and a half years before deciding that it was time to get divorced. Many people think Irving got the better end of the deal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. That is because Spielberg is worth more than five billion dollars, and Amy only got $100 million from the divorce settlement.

Of course, that is nothing compared to the entire fortune of Spielberg. While money doesn’t matter, divorce settlements should at least be fair. But, we never know what is going to happen or how much money someone is going to receive, as it all depends on the court ruling.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale – $25 Million

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We always think that Hollywood couples are happy because that is what they portray on the camera, but it is never anything like it. That is because the couple was considered to be incredibly happy until they announced their divorce. They dated for seven years, and their marriage lasted thirteen years.

The divorce settlement and payout from this divorce was $25 million. After that, it did not take Stefani long to move on as she began dating Blake Shelton. We hope that the couple finds better partners and are happier than before than they were in their short-lived marriage.

Paul McCartney & Heather Mills – $48.6 Million

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Even getting married is not as expensive in Hollywood as it is to get divorced. For example, McCartney and Mills tied the knot and spent more than three million dollars on their wedding. However, the divorce settlement of this couple was $48.6 million.

They were married for four years and did not expect to get divorced so soon after spending so much time together. However, life had other plans in store for them, and they decided it was time to let one another go. We hope that this divorce brought something good for both of them despite the hefty settlement.

Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger – Approx. $3 Million

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Baldwin and Basinger were married for at least nine years before they decided it was time to go different ways. Basinger filed for divorce, and both of them also fought for the custody of their child. Finally, the couple reached an agreement in 2002 that they would share joint custody of their child.

Besides that, the divorce settlement came down to three million dollars. Of course, even this couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, which is why the divorce was so messy. When kids get in between the divorce, the result is never great, which is why we hope all of them are doing better now.

James Cameron & Linda Hamilton – $50 Million

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James Cameron was unfaithful on the set of Titanic, and because of this, his relationship with Linda Hamilton came to an end. Cameron also got an Oscar for this movie, and a few days after receiving this award, the couple announced that they were separating from one another. Of course, the divorce was a little messy, and the settlement was significant.

That is because Hamilton received $50 million from this divorce after being married to Cameron for at least two years. They had one child together, and they filed for divorce in 1999. Of course, this was a pretty big payout for Hamilton.

Rupert Murdoch & Wendi Deng – $1.7 Billion

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Some people don’t take too long to move on after their divorce. Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from his previous wife did not even last seventeen days before he got married to Wendi Deng, who was 38 years younger than him. Of course, this marriage also did not last long, as the couple decided to get divorced in 2013.

The settlement amount was $1.7 billion, and Deng lucked out with receiving so much money from the divorce. Of course, Murdoch was the one that filed for divorce, as he decided that even Deng was not the right woman for him any longer.

Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison – $85 Million

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Harrison Ford & Melissa Mathison decided to have an amicable divorce and part ways in August 2001. They had a successful marriage of eighteen years and did not want to create a big scene from the divorce. Of course, the media and news still relentlessly chased them during their divorce so that they could get their hands on juicy news.

Their divorce settlement was $85 million that Ford paid to Melissa after their divorce. It was one of the most expensive settlements, as the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. They have two children together, and they are doing great despite these hiccups.

Eddie Murphy & Nicole Mitchell Murphy – $15 Million

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Everyone thought that Eddie Murphy & Nicole Mitchell Murphy were leading a happy marriage, but we never know what goes on behind closed doors. The divorce settlement took place in 2006, and Nicole received a one-time payment settlement of $15 million. However, Nicole put some of the money into a failed investment scheme and lost $7 million out of a total of 15.

After that, Eddie Murphy had a child with Mel B after dating her, and Nicole dated Michael Strahan. As of now, Eddie is in a relationship with Paige Butcher, and they also have a child together. Celebrity couples keep moving on from one to another in no time.

Roman Abramovich & Irina Malandina – $300 Million

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Irina was the second wife of Roman, and he decided to divorce her in 2007 in Russia. They were married for sixteen years and had five children together. However, because Roman filed for divorce, Irina did not receive a heft settlement compared to Roman’s significant fortune.

Of course, she still got $300 million, which we think is a significant amount, even if she doesn’t. She might have gotten a few billion dollars from his fortune if he had filed for divorce in Britain rather than Russia. However, Roman played smart and saved his money from getting lost in the settlement.

Jennifer Lopez & Chris Judd – $14 Million

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The marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd did not last long, as they filed for a divorce even less than a year after they got married. The couple cited in the petition that they had irreconcilable differences, which is why they had to go their separate ways. Remember that the couple settled for an undisclosed settlement, which is why no one knows the exact amount of their settlement.

However, there are numerous reports that tell us the divorce came to fourteen million dollars. Nine months is a short time to stay married and get such an expensive divorce. Of course, money doesn’t matter, and we hope the couple is better in their separate ways.

Colin Firth & Livia Giuggioli – Approx. $12.5 Million

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Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli were together for twenty-two years before they decided that it was time to get divorced in 2019. The couple met in 1996 on Nostromo, a BBC drama, and they got married just a year later. The divorce was not a shock to anyone as Giuggioli admitted that she was having an extramarital affair with Marco Brancaccia, an Italian journalist.

They tried to work through this problem, but of course, there are some things that you can’t just get over, and this was one of them. The divorce settlement came to $12.5 million for the couple.

Adnan Khashoggi & Soraya Khashoggi – $874 Million

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Adnan Khashoggi got married to Soraya in 1961, who converted to Islam during that time to marry him. They had four sons together and one daughter. However, they decided to get divorced in 1974, but the divorce was incredibly expensive for Adnan.

That is because Adnan Khashoggi is a Saudi Arabian billionaire, and during that time, he was thought to be one of the top richest men around the world. That is why Soraya received a divorce settlement of $874 million after they parted ways. Adnan Khashoggi also passed away in 2017 at the age of 81.

Johnny Carson & Joanna Holland – $20 Million

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Johnny Carson is a comedy god on private television and got married to Joanna Holland, who is a model. Both of them did not want to tell anyone, which is why, in 1972, they got married in secret. However, they decided to get divorced thirteen years later, and it was anything but a secret.

That is because all the tabloids were after them and needed to know the details of their divorce settlement. According to many sources, Holland received a divorce settlement of twenty million dollars. Clearly, the fourth time is not the charm, as his marriage to Holland was his fourth marriage.

Mel Gibson & Robyn Moore – $425 Million

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Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore were married for almost three decades, after which they decided it was time to part ways. However, the final nail in the coffin was in 2006, when Mel Gibson was arrested for DUI. Unfortunately, the couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, which means that Robyn received a big payout.

She got half of Gibson’s fortune, which came down to $425 million. It was one of the largest divorce payouts in Hollywood history during that time. Mel should have thought of this before he decided to drink and drive in 2006, which led to this fiasco.

Heidi Klum & Seal – $70 Million

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Heidi Klum and Seal decided to get divorced, and it seemed like things would not get messy, as both of them wanted to get it over with. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. The couple had a post-nuptial agreement, but Seal filed documents that did not mention anything, which means he could’ve gotten half of her fortune.

According to Klum, Seal had an uncontrollable temper, and it scared their children, as they had to bear witness to it from time to time. That is why she was willing to do anything to get divorced as soon as possible from Seal. The settlement details have not been disclosed, but sources say they settled for $70 million.

Rupert Murdoch & Anna Maria Torv – $1.7 Million

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Rupert Murdoch is a media mogul, and he has three children with Anna Maria. The couple was also married for more than three decades, after which they decided to part ways in 1999. During this time, Murdoch had a net worth of more than eight billion dollars.

Of course, Torv also received a significant settlement because of his net worth, which came to $1.7 billion. Out of these $1.7 million, Torv received $110 million in cash from his fortune. After the divorce, both of them seemed to move on quickly to other people.

Michael Strahan & Jean Muggli – $15 Million

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Michael Strahan met Jean Muggli in 1994, and five years later, they tied the knot. However, marriage was not a good idea for them, as they had an incredibly turbulent marriage, despite getting to know each other for five years. They filed for divorce when Strahan accused Muggli of abusing their teenage daughters.

The divorce was messy as a lot of their domestic details came to light. However, they finally settled for s divorce settlement of $15 million. Besides that, Muggli would also receive monthly child support payments of at least $18,000, as they decided to share the custody of their kids in the settlement.

Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone – $1 Billion

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The divorce of Bernie & Slavica Ecclestone made news headlines when they began their proceedings, as everyone wanted to see how much the divorce settlement would be. They got divorced in 2009, and ever since then, he has received $500 million from the trust fund of his ex-wife. The details of the divorce settlement are closed off, but she is paying him at least $100 million per year.

The duration of payments is now known to the public, but sources say that their settlement is one billion dollars. Of course, this is one of the most highly unusual settlements, as she has to pay him, despite Bernie already having a fortune.

Michael & Diandra Douglas – $45 Million

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Michael and Diandra Douglas tied the knot in 1977, and just a year later, they had a son together. However, Diane filed for a divorce in court in 1995, as she wanted to part ways with Michael. The actor had a substantial net worth, which is why Diandra got a lot of money as the couple got divorced.

According to sources, Diandra received a divorce settlement of more than $45 million from her divorce with Michael. That was the actor’s half net worth during that time. This is what happens when you don’t have a prenuptial agreement to protect your fortune.

Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva – $80 Million

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Kevin Costner & Cindy Silva tied the knot in 1978 as the couple met in college, and they fell in love instantly. Their marriage also lasted at least sixteen years before they decided it was time to part ways. Fortunately, Silva was married to Costner during his peak earning years, which is why she got eighty million dollars in the divorce settlement.

That was a substantial part of his net worth, and it was one of the most expensive divorce settlements in Hollywood. They also had three children together, and they filed for divorce in 1994. We just hope they are happy with this decision.

Alec & Jocelyn Wildenstein – $2.5 Billion

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Divorce settlements can reach billions of dollars, as we can see from the example of Alec & Jocelyn Wildenstein. Alec Wildenstein is a businessman and an art dealer, and in 1999 he divorced his ex-wife Jocelyn, who was a socialite. Of course, both of them got together to build their family empire.

They also had one of the largest private collections of some of the best artworks in the world. Of course, that is why the divorce settlement was also hefty, as it came down to $2.5 billion. Jocelyn thought her plastic surgery would keep her man around, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

Frank & Jamie McCourt – $130 Million

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The owner of the Fox Entertainment Group and Dodgers Stadium is Frank McCourt, who was married to Jamie. However, their marriage did not last very long, and they decided to get divorced in 2011. Of course, Frank is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, which is why he had to pay a significant divorce settlement to Jamie.

The divorce is one of the most expensive ones, as he had to pay Jamie more than $130 million in the settlement. Jamie was also the ex-team CEO, and she had done her part in also helping Frank with his work. Of course, when you consider these factors, the divorce settlement seems fair.

Ted Danson & Casey Coates – $30 Million

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Casey Coates and Ted Danson met each other in 1976, and they got together. During that time, it looked like the couple would be inseparable, and they were together for a good fifteen years. However, Whoopi Goldberg and Danson began a secret love affair, and things went downhill from there.

During that time, it was one of the most expensive divorce settlements of a Hollywood couple. Danson had to pay at least thirty million dollars in the divorce settlement, as he was at fault. Of course, this hefty divorce affected his professional and personal life as his affair was public knowledge.

Steve & Elaine Wynn – $741 Million

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Unfortunately, Steve’s luck with marriage was not that great, as he has divorced Elaine Wynn two times. The second divorce took place in 2010, and it is said to be one of the most expensive divorces of all time. That is because Steve had to transfer his stock of Wynn Resorts Ltd worth $741 million to Elaine in this divorce settlement.

The first time they got married was between 1963 and 1986. After that, they got married again in 1991. Of course, when you are with someone for that long, you think it will work out, but life is unpredictable.

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock – $1.3 Million

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Brandon Blackstock was Clarkson’s manager. The pop star had to pay him a significant settlement during their divorce. The settlement came down to more than $1.3 million, along with child support of more than $45,000. Besides that, the couple also agreed to share custody of their kids, who will mostly live with Clarkson in LA.

Of course, the couple also decided to split some of their other assets, which included the family pets, cars, guns, farm cattle, and much more. They ended their marriage after seven years, and in 2021, both of them were declared to be legally single.

Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie – $2.5 Million

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During the early 2000s, Hilary Duff was iconic, as she was the teenage sweetheart of America right next to Miley Cyrus. Almost everyone was happy when this teenage sweetheart got married to Mike Comrie, but the happiness or the marriage did not last that long. Even their divorce was messy.

That is because their prenuptial agreement stated that they would split the costs of raising a child, and none of them would receive anything in spousal support. Despite having this agreement, Duff still had to pay $2.5 million to Comrie, which was half the value of the Beverly Hills mansion that the couple shared.

Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo – $10 Million

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Unfortunately, the marriage of Janet and Rene was not a great one, as many things happened to Janet during this marriage. The divorce settlement was also unfair, and we feel sad that she had to go through all this during her divorce. Elizondo alleged that he had signed a prenuptial agreement with Janet under duress.

He sued Janet for at least $25 million in spousal support. However, after many proceedings and talks, they finally settled the divorce in 2003. During this, Elizondo walked away with more than ten million dollars, as stated by Forbes, which is a high amount even after signing a prenuptial agreement.

Dmitry & Elena Rybolovlev – $4.5 Billion


Dmitry Rybolovlev is a Russian oligarch, and they had a nasty divorce of six years that caught the attention of media and news outlets. Of course, being an oligarch has its downsides because you have to settle for a hefty divorce. Because of this, Dmitry had to pay his ex-wife Elena at least $4.5 billion in their divorce settlement.

However, in 2014, Dmitry filed for an appeal in court and did not want her to get a lot of money from the divorce. The appeal was successful, and Elena walked away with a mere $604 million in the divorce, as compared to the original $4.5 billion.

Lionel Ritchie & Diane Ritchie – $20 Million

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In 2004, Lionel Ritchie divorced Diane Ritchie, and their divorce got a lot of media coverage during that time. Their divorce settlement was twenty million dollars, with Diane’s monthly clothing allowance of $15,000 and $50,000 per month for her personal services such as manicures and massages. The couple was married for eight years before they decided to get divorced.

Diane wanted to maintain her lavish lifestyle even after the divorce, which is why she stated everything she wanted in her alimony petition. Of course, she got what she wanted with this heft settlement and allowance to maintain her celebrity lifestyle.

Adele and Simon Konecki – $90 Million (Estimated)

Konecki and Adele were together for several years before they tied the knot. However, their marriage did not last as long as their dating time, which is why they started getting divorced after only three years of marriage. They reached a divorce settlement of £144 million.

The net worth of Adele is roughly worth more than $190 million, which is why even this settlement is a lot, as her fortune was at stake. Of course, we see that Adele is much happier now, and we are happy for her. We hope she gets lucky the next time she tries.