The Net Worth Of Your Favorite Celebrities Will Blow Your Mind


Celebrities are known to be on TV and in movies a lot, and they are part of our culture. But another thing to consider is that they are also accumulating a lot of money as they do these things. Which is why you will be shocked that some of them got to accrue a ton of money throughout the years. Here are some of the net worth numbers for important celebrities you might already know.

Simon Cowell – $550 Million

Simon Cowell didn’t create music on his own, but he did become a manager for some really popular bands like Westlife or Five. But a lot of people know him at this time form X Factor or American Idol where he is a judge. On top of that, he still is a good manager for a variety of people like One Direction, Leona Lewis, Il divo and so on. The fact that he has half a billion net worth is not that surprising, considering his work.

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